Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Know It Means Nothing...

but I say it's something.

Went to the doctor yesterday for our ...let's see 38 week appointment, even though it's closer to 39 weeks than 38 weeks, but what. ever. Now I understand that I'm not even at term yet, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't like to see some progress in the baby is going to come out at some point. We had another Non-Stress Test I guess because she failed the one before, and perhaps because they have had to keep an eye on my blood pressure throughout the entire pregnancy.

Doctor came in and gave me a lovely little internal exam just because I wanted to see if I was dilated at all. And yay! I am currently 1cm dilated. Now I realized that I could have my water break and still be 1cm dilated, or go another 3 weeks at this state, but I don't care. It means something is happening down there and so an end is in sight. As we get closer to the end I get more and more freaked out. Obviously our lives are going to change forever and I know in a good way, but it's still scary.

I got a little talking to about my lack of drinking water and what I have been eating the past week because I had gained some weight and my blood pressure had gone back up. I realized that I've basicallly not had any water and have eaten like *crap* for the past many many days. And so we are reeling all that in. I have to really really watch my salt intake over the next 2 weeks, and pump up the water drinking. So I did that yesterday and shockingly felt a lot better.

I had a lovely afternoon with my friend Jean after the appointment. We had lunch and then got pedicures and just had a really relaxing time chatting and so on. Jean had a baby boy about 8 weeks ago so always fun to hear what she has to say about the baby growing and so on.

So here we are. Under double digits to go...meaning 9 days to go. At least until the due date. Maybe I should start counting down to a week late, so that if I go before then I'll be all WHEEEEEE. Nah, I'm sticking with the due date. So yeah. 9 days. 


Scott said...

You have to really read labels to avoid salt. It's hard to find stuff that doesn't have salt and doesn't taste like drek. I'm with you!

lifestudent said...

It could go on forever, and yet you could go any day. Be prepared for the "worst", but also for an early suprise. Babies have their own plan, even before they enter this world ;)

Karen said...

Your post made me smile because it was just so YOU...a little sarcasm, a little just makes me miss you guys even more. Can't wait until there are three of you to miss.