Monday, November 16, 2009

Still Nothing

Not shocking I know. And I know I'm a broken record with the, "Yeah there is still no baby and no progress towards baby." But I can't help it, I want her here so badly and so every day that nothing happens is killer. As soon as we found out that she had turned head down it's like time stopped moving.

We have another appointment on Wednesday where we will get another NST, and I'm guessing have the doctor tell us that there is no progress down there and so we will continue to wait.

Jason does have a pretty big meeting at work tomorrow, so maybe I'll go into labor right in the middle of that. Also I don't have a bag packed yet, so maybe my water will break, I'll have nothing packed, Jason will be in a meeting and you can see everyone just freak out. Ok, probably won't happen...but you never know. Shit, I should probably pack a bag as that would be a bad thing to not have ready to go.

This weekend we finished up getting everything put together, purchased and the only thing left to do is get some art prints for the baby's room framed. They are in at the frame shop and we are just waiting for the frames to come in. I'll take some pictures when it's totally done. I know that I'm going into overkill mode as a lot of this shit isn't necessary to have a baby come home but I like to be overly prepared, it calms me down a little bit.

So yes. We are still waiting. 12 days out from the due date.


Scott said...

Hey, I think "still nothing" comes AFTER your due date not before! It is getting nerve wracking waiting though.

Yeah pack a bag...couldn't hurt!

runningtwig said...

I know how you feel...I was so excited and every time I went to the doctor...nothing. Even on my due date...nothing! Good luck - I hope the time passes by quickly!

lifestudent said...

First thing I thought of:
"a watched pot never boils"


Anonymous said...

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