Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Hmm...always hard to write on Tuesdays since we don't run on Monday so there isn't much to report.

Last week Jason and I worked at home every day and this week we are driving into the lab. Who cares right (Didn't I already say that I don't have much to report....)? Well I have noticed how much time I get back if we drive. I am wondering as the miles start adding on if the extra 2 hours commuting by train is worth it. If I drive then I can leave by 5:30am, and work like 6:30-2:30 and I'm home by 3:30. With the train, I leave around 5:45 and work like 8-4 and get home by 6:30 which is less than idea as soon there will be 12 and 14 mile runs to be done after that. If we can work from home two days a week as well that would mean only driving in 3 days a week which means that we would save a ton of money cause we would only need one fillup of gas per week instead of two.

So. Well this week we are driving and working at home on Friday because Jason has an interview on Friday....and interview by the way with a company in Northbrook.....who wants him to :
accentuate how you have brought added value to the organizations that you have worked with in the past. Note your IT development experience and follow up with hard fact information/testimonial details, ie: How you saved time, money, tangible information.
Well I guess he saved the Department of Energy money because he basically works for minimum wage...do you think that's going to count? How do we get these people to see how skilled we are even though we might not have skills that are "tangible".


This is going to be a looong process. Here's to hoping an advanced degree didn't bite us in the ass.

Tonight we had plans to go out with some fellow runners to see some music, but as I layed awake last night watching the clock tick for over two hours thinking about how unqualified I am for apparently anything I am going to skip it (ok ok.....I AM overdramtic! Thanks to all the friends and family that are looking around at their companies for any open positions). Home to run 8 miles with 8x100m (only 8!) and then probably crashing.


Firefly's Running said...

Good luck, Jason. Sending lots of positive job hunting vibes (I am willing to share the one I got that got the current job I have!) to you!

Jonathan said...

I won't say "don't worry" because I know it's annoying when people tell you that, and you can't help it anyway.

However, I've been in the private sector for many years now. I can say with confidence that you both are qualified or over qualified for most technical jobs.

I do technical interviewing and we use words like "accentuate" and "rationalize synergies" all the time. It doesn't really mean much. Unfortunately you do have to deal with those kinds of questions, and recruiters want proper answers so that it fits in their systems. There's not a lot you can do about it except to just play along.

But here's the thing, I promise that the hardest part about finding a job is just getting an interview. So congratulations on that, and good luck!