Tuesday, July 17, 2007

LT #3 Done. and Done.

Yesterday hosted our third Lactate Threshold run of the training cycle a mere 10miles with 5 at LT pace. Two weeks ago we did a LT run and you can see how it went here. For that run we were able to stick around 7:30s for the LT miles which was awesome. I didn't know if we could do those paces again as I thought they were a little fast and we had perfect weather two weeks ago and a hot soggy humid mess last night. Oh and I had a little motivation problem before we left. We took the bus down to the lakefront path deciding we would run shirtless and then have non-smelly non-sweaty shirts to put back on when we got back on the bus to go home...this is important later.

So here we go. We like doing three miles kind of to warm up and when I looked back at the last time we did this the miles last night were all slightly faster that our other warm up miles which could have had an effect on the LT miles.
  1. 8:40
  2. 8:28
  3. 8:44
I never got into the groove on the warmup miles, I felt like my legs were a bit jelloy and I don't know...just weird feeling. When my legs do feel like that I tend to have troubles with consistancy. Right then. Onto the LT miles :
  1. 7:38
  2. 7:35
  3. 7:40
  4. 7:43
  5. 7:38
So these were not as fast at the miles that we did two weeks ago. However, I think they were probably more where they should have been pace wise. If I am to take it that these runs should be at your 15K pace (remember it's your 15K pace for slower runners and 1/2 marathon pace for you speedy kids...it's more in tune with the pace that you could run comfortably for an hour or so) which when I look at McMillian for a 3:35 marathon pace it's a 7:37 for the 15K time. The above miles averaged out to just under 7:39 so I'm right in that ball park. Also the range they have for Tempo runs here is 7:28-7:47 which I was right in the middle of. And this pace felt a lot better. It was tough, but it was a comfortable tough...if that makes sense.

When we finished we walked a bit to catch our breath and looked down at our chests and stomachs and realized that we were covered in little dead black gnat type things. Which was totally gross. And I realized that it wasn't super brilliant to have put the said tank top...just a cotton one by the way since I didn't think it matter since I wasn't going to run in it, around my waist tucked into my shorts...as it was soaked...and gross.

So we continued on our way for two cool down miles :
  1. 11:48
  2. 9:33
We ended around navy pier and took a jump into the fountain that is there to cool off. We hung out a bit to dry off as much as possible and jumped back onto the good old 66 bus and headed home.

One tough run of the week done. Tonight The Decemberists have a free concert downtown that we are heading to which should be tons of fun. I just hope the rain stays away! A simple 4 mile recovery today and then 3 toughish runs left this week...although I feel tons better getting this LT out of the way.


Bob said...

Great Job, kind of got me psyched up for my tempo tonight. Thanks. Also you can just use Tempo Runs times under stamina workouts in McMillian. I am sure all your splits were in that range.

Josh said...

Great workout and have fun at the concert! Oh ... and the dead gnats ... totally gross.

Firefly's Running said...

Nice job!

Sarah said...

I made it onto the bus JUST before the huge deluge started. you guys make it home ok?

thanks for letting me meet up tonight, I had a great time!

Sarah said...

d'oh! that last post was from mouse. I forgot that i'm signed in under my other name.

LeahC said...

we got caught in it in the transfer from train to bus then the short walk from bus to home...but umbrellas and awnings came in handy. it was super fun tonight glad you made it out!

Ryan said...

Just catching up here, but you guys are kicking ass on the LT's... way to go.