Friday, July 20, 2007

These Weeks Are F*$%ing Hard

What the hell....did I not do these weeks last year? I think I didn't because Jason and I had the trip to England and then it was hard getting back into the marathon training mindset.

I don't know how people with real jobs do this. I am so tired but luckily the no real schedule of being a grad student so I can come into work earlier/later whatever. Like today.....I took my tired ass and slept in and got here a bit late....which is kinda bad because I have a meeting with my advisor this afternoon and had I gotten here at my usual 6:30am....I would have had more to shown him....similarly if I waited to blog for another 3 hours I would have more to show him. ANYWAYS.

The run yesterday ended up being pretty good. We had an 11 mile medium long run so we slowed down to more match the long run type paces instead of the general aerobic paces. We ended up with 8:55 averages finishing in about 1:38. And we were really good on the consistency even though the second half of the run was directly into the wind. I always think it's better to start with the wind at your back, because you get your running mojo working and get comfortable with the pace so when you turn around all you have to do is try and keep your strides the same with a little more effort, which we were able to do.

Ended the evening with everyone's favorite Jayhawks who made us some nachos as we watched the voting off of So You Think You Can Dance? They graciously offered us a ride home which I took given my level of tiredness. Thanks again kids.

Tonight Jason and I are going to embrace our nerd levels and head out to Border's for the Harry Potter midnight release of the 7th book. They are having some kind of party and while we aren't quite nerdy enough to dress up.....I am sure many people there will be so I'll make sure to bring my camera. I still have about 500 pages to read of the 6th book so we are planning on heading there early and sitting in the coffee shop and just reading for many hours.

This weekend will then just be full of running and reading the 7th book which should be tough but yet relaxing which I always like.

7 miles with 8x100m strides tomorrow and 18 miles on Sunday. Just two more days....two days of running and I'll get in the 50 miles for the week. Happy Friday all!


Firefly's Running said...

Working FT and school FT is a challenge that I have learned to embrace, but I think you guys do it MUCH better with the running than me. You guys ROCK!

Joe said...

50 miles! Holy crap!

Running Jayhawk said...

Okay. Still waiting for photos from your Friday night geekfest that I'm so jealous I missed out on. I totally could've rocked the Spelling Bee...cause well, that's how I roll.

My book came a little bit ago, so I'm going off into hiding with it. *insert giddy schoolgirl giggle here*