Monday, July 30, 2007

The Farthest Since October 2006

After a long week of running we had a big fat 2-0 on the schedule for Sunday. We hadn't run that far since the marathon in October last year.

We decided to drive down to Recreation Drive (by the tennis courts and totem pole) on the lakefront path so that we wouldn't have any traffic interruptions during the run. Plus we know the lakefront path so well, that it helps knowing how much farther you are going. We got there at 6:30am and knew that we would have to pay for the parking ($0.50 an hour with a 5 hour limit) starting at 8am. We though we would done at about 10am, so we wanted to put in about 2 dollars worth (4 hours) so that we wouldn't get a ticket. However the stupid machine to get the parking sticker doesn't turn on until 8am. Which of course is ridiculous, because now I would be parking for 2 hours when it is enforced that you have to have paid...but there was no chance that I could have paid! So we put a note in our windshield saying just that and hoped we wouldn't get a ticket (which we didn't so that was just a lot of words for no reason :-) )

And so we started. I felt good and strong the whole way. There isn't much of interest to write about until we turned around to head back. We ran all the way to he 13 mile marker on the south side, and when we turned around to come back, you get a fantastic view of the city. We walked for a few steps to soak it in....just truly amazing. Highly recommended from this city runner to all you city runners. Go explore the south end of the path!

Then it was just time to knock off the miles one at a time. We had a Gu around mile 11.3 and around this time we started playing leapfrog with this other runner. He would stop to tie his shoes and then we would go around, then we would stop for water and he would go around....and so on. When we got to the Fleet Feet gatorade stand that is south of Navy Pier he said to us, "I don't know if I'm the tortoise or the hare?" We laughed and found out he was doing 21 miles today. We went off and after the next time he stopped for water we went past him and didn't see him again.

There is a stretch on the lakefront path between North Avenue Beach and Ohio St Beach (Just north of Navy Pier) that I like to call the Sahara. There is no shade, it's about 1.5 - 1.75 miles long and right next to the water....with tons of people swimming....and me just sweating and looking longingly at the water wishing for yet another time that I was a triathlete and would just have to swim for a workout. But we pressed on. The gatorade stand at North Avenue Beach was still setup so we got one more shot to finish up our last 2.5 miles.

I don't know if it was the extra fuel that we took in the run or what...but our last two miles were incredible. Mile 19 was in 8:28 and Mile 20 in...wait for it....wait for it....7:45! Nice! We ended the 20 miles just uner 3 hours in 2:59:35 for an overall average of 8:59 min/mile. When I made my weekly pace graph I was delighted to see how consistent we were over the course of the run (aside from the last mile...but whatever it's the last mile and we did it in 7:45...did I already say that...oops sorry but I am excited to be able to get that kind of mile out at the end of a long run :-) )

We were really happy with this run on all levels. Legs felt good, breathing was good, fueling was good, pace was good. A nice way to end a 54 mile week.

We came home and ice bathed/showered and headed out for some breakfast. Then it was home to pass out for the rest of the afternoon while watching/listening to the Cubs game.

And to all you Brewers know who I am talking to......the Cubs are now only 0.5 game back....since you don't play today and we do....we could be all tied up by this evening. GO CUBS!

Thus ended our weekend. Now we are back to Monday and have a not so bad week on our hands. I am looking forward to Sunday's run which is 15 miles with 12@Marathon Race Pace, so we can see how we are doing so far with the paces we would like to run.

Alright, Monday means it's go to work time. Right. I'm off.


Scott said...

Hey L & J!
Nice run indeed and super last mile. Woot! As to the note, perhaps it DID work. A cop read it and decided to not give you a ticket. Or no cop came by so no ticket....hmmm....kind of like prayer!

Sailor Sue said...

Wow! 20 big ones!! You guys are very stroong. I think you're the hares.
Who else would run a 7:45 mile - the 20th mile?!?

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
My name is Ken (Ken (no yan)P) and in training for Seattle. I am from Chicago and do most of my long runs by the lake....and I always start at the very South end because it is so nice ! Good job on your run! I am using Pfitzinger for the first time and I am only in week 2 now. I can see it is going to be one tough program.

Firefly's Running said...

Great job, Leah and Jason. I love the view by the North Avenue beach when I was biking on Thursday. It was great!

Bob said...

Or you could be a full game back. GO BREW CREW! We need a slump buster! Thank goodness it is the Cubs breating down our necks, something has to go wrong, right?? :-)

BTW I am seriously impressed, you two are kicking my ass at present. I find that the MP runs were my favorite during the training process last year. They leave you feeling so darn confident.

LeahC said...


thanks! This is the hardest I have ever trained.....let's hope it's all worth it come October.

as for the brewers...well we'll just have to see what happens, but we don't seem to be losing much :-)

Jason said...

That's right, we'll just have to see what happens. No bragging from this end. All anyone should say is that the Brewers are a quality team and that all the Cubs can do is play hard and, the good lord willing, things will work out.

shhhh...nobody jinx it

(Go Cubs)

Nicole said...

You two are amazing little hares!

And, please thank the Cards for helping the Cubs get so much closer to the Brewers! Just kidding. I don't think the Cards have a chance so I'm hoping the Cubs pull off a miracle & win it all!

GeekGirl said...

Great job on the run. You guys are going to do great in October!

Russ said...

great job on your run! i was happy to finish my 8 miler training for Detroit and you are already nailing 20's. Would be interested where you came up with your pace bands, as a fellow number geek, I'm always looking for ways to analyze my runs (and aren't they backwards?) for the Cubbies, I would love to see them make the playoffs, but face the facts that Detroit is going to win it all this year...still in 1st place even without 2 top relievers and 1 top starter.

i always enjoy reading your both your posts

Russ said...

i retract my backwards question! i was looking at them wrong.. said...

Your pace work is amazing! I used to live off of Halstead right in Boy's Town so I love hearing about Chicago! I miss it! Don't you just love the lakefront? Anyhow, love the blog and can't wait to read more!


Jason said...

Hey Russ -

The paces come from the McMillan calculator which we base off of our goal marathon times. There's a link on the top right of this site. Have fun.