Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm Still a Marathon Runner?...Right?

Well I sure did have fun with that recovery week. Usually I am very much the same with my training. To bed early, awake right, don't drink and run run run.

All of that behavior came to a big fat end on Saturday night. Oh and Thursday because we went out drinking on Thursday for Jason's birthday. Oh RIGHT and Friday because we ended up at the Fermilab User's Center (bar on site) and had a few with our advisor and the head of our group. But I think it all gets topped off Saturday night when some friends of ours had a big party. We debated on going since we knew we had a 12 mile run on Sunday. If we didn't go we could get it done early like we like....but we also knew this was pretty much the last relaxed weekend until the marathon so if we were to go out, this would be we would just have like one or MAYBE two drinks and then head home.


That plan ended almost instantly with a game of elimination flip which I "won" being the last person left for my team. Also means I had to drink a lot more than everyone else on my team. I do like winning things though as most of you know. That was followed by dancing and more drinking and in general....well a fun night.

We got home around 2am. Obviously we were not getting up at 5am to run, so we slept in. Until the kids next door were playing with some kind of pop gun at 8:30 in the morning (SHUT THE HELL UP!!!). So we got up and watched the end of Harry Potter 4 and an episode of 24 on DVD. Lisa and Evin came by after looking at a condo about two doors down from our apartment to tell us all about it. They left and we realized that it was time.

We decided to leave not only the Garmin at home, but also my watch so we didn't time it. I have no idea how far we went or how long it took. I know that it was probably a bit over 12 miles....but that's all. Leaving at about noon makes for a crowded run on the lakefront and a few stoplight problems but we lucked out with the weather as it was only about 80 degrees which is really good for mid-july in Chicago. The run felt great in the end. Neither of us had sore legs or out of breath. We just enjoyed the city and mosied on through it dodging the North Avenue Beach beautiful bodies and the Michigan Avenue shoppers. An old me wouldn't have even done this run, marking it up to bad behavior and a recovery week anyways. We have yet to miss a run on our marathon training schedule and just looking at my training log, really have yet to miss a run since early April. Woooo us!

A good weekend. Now it's back to Monday!


Bridgette said...

I chalk it up to you guys being completely HARDCORE KICKASS RUNNERS!

Firefly's Running said...

It does not hurt to have fun once in a while. Sounds like a great weekend.

Scott said...

These are the runs that take you to Boston.