Monday, July 16, 2007

A Sale, A Condo, New Energy and a Crazy Week!

A favorite running store, Momentum, on Clybourn is going out of business. They were a super nice store and I am surprised that they are going out of business as they had lots of fun runs out of their store and in general seemed like a nice group of people. I didn't shop there a ton, but when I did they were always pretty nice.

After getting Jason a new suit (he sure will look spiffy! Now he just needs an interview to head out to so he can wear it), we stopped in to get some Gu and looked around and saw a barren store. They mentioned that they were going out of business, to which I immediatly asked if they were having a sale. They said everything was 20% off so I asked if that was shoes too, which it was. They surprisingly had my size (I am a women's 10.5 which is a hard size to get a hold of at times...frequently stores which are not specialty stores do not care half sizes past 10 and even the specialty stores only have a few of that size...ANYWAYS) and then mentioned if I paid with cash it would be 30% off. So we ran to a Chase bank and 72 bucks later I had a new pair of kicks. I have some more miles left in my old pair, but for the first time I'm not going to be frantic for new shoes when the old ones are done.

Some exciting new items :
  • The lovely cousin Lisa and her husband are putting an offer in on a condo a few doors down. They are also leaving for a month long trip to Africa in the coming days so are trying to work a deal in a few days. GET THAT CONDO! It will be fun to have a cousin a few doors down.
  • In talking to my advisor yesterday I mentioned that I was working on my paper work for my 6 month form for graduation. You have to do this and then can finish 6 months after it gets in or any time after that but not before. I think that he thought this was already done because he mentioned that he hoped I was done in 6 months if not sooner......which I say two things..YAY I'll be done.....SHIT now I have to figure out what I am going to do.
  • The head of our group here at Fermilab did his graduate work at the University of Hawaii and still has some connections there. The Hawaii Natural Energy Institute is located at the University which could be a direction this degree could take us. I'm not getting excited about it because it's just too exciting....if that makes sense. But it looks like it could be something to keep an eye on.
There are flood warnings in Chicago today which is going to make my LT run tonight even more difficult. We have 10 miles with 5 at LT no...I'm SO super excited about it.....grumble. This week of miles is very difficult, with only one recovery run :
Mon : Off
Tue : 10 w/5 @ LT
Wed : 4 Recovery
Thu : 11 General Aerobic
Fri : Off
Sat : 7 mi General Aerobic w/8x100m (what the ass....?)
Sun : 18 mi Long Run
I hate looking ahead because it makes me throw up a little bit in my just one day at a time. If all the runs get done we hit the big 5-0 mlies this week which is an exciting mark to pass.

Alright, let's hope the storms pass through earlier rather than later!


Jonathan said...

Hawaii is awesome. Definitely go for it. Good luck.

Firefly's Running said...

Flood warnings?! Where?

Great job on getting your LAST bit of paperwork before graduating. SOOOOOO exciting.

BTW, how did the INTERVIEW GO? Details, details!

Cuckoo said...

I can empathize with you on the shoe thing, I'm also a 10.5.

The humidity was obnoxious at lunch time, but so far the rain is holding out today. Hopefully the rain stays away until after the fun LT run! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Graduation in 6 months! Awesome.

Good luck Jason - hope you get an interview soon.