Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Music Music Music

This Friday, Saturday & Sunday....yes that's right kids, you're fearless duo has come across some Lollapalooza 3 day passes for this weekend. The tickets were a gift from the friends who's son was in the hospital last week since they won't be able to use them. So generous and so another big thank you out to those guys. By the way, the kid is doing 800% better and will be coming home tonight. We are happy to hear that he is just about back to his usual self. Yay!

So yes, Lollapalooza this weekend. I have never been and so I am super looking forward to it. I did look at the schedule and it reminds me of a conference where there are 8 things happening at once, all of which sounds interesting....ok maybe that's not true at a physics conference...but you know what I mean.

Anyone out there have any suggestions on anyone I just HAVE TO see, drop a note in the comments. You can head here to see the line up :


That link is just day 1, you can see the other days by clicking on the ... well other days at the top. So that should be super wacky fun times in the city.

Speaking of music, I set my alarm to use the radio instead of the regular buzzer this morning to see if it would snap me awake faster. The song on 103.5 at 4:55am this morning sure did the trick because Jason and I were laughing so hard at utter stupidity and lameness of it...something about getting your elbows out or I don't know what...but that plan worked and I am at work pre-6:30am which is always a good start to the day.

My big code rewrite has gone super smoothly and (go figure) thinking about the problem a little before diving in seems to have worked wonders. When you need a result, you just do it and get it done how ever you can. Oh I need another distribution...ok, I'll make that over here. Oh wait, I have to subtract something from it...alright I can do that here. But then it comes the time when you have to rerun everything with small changes for the systematics...and well....you can't have stuff here, there and everywhere. So I reorganized it and I'm sure a computer developer would still think it's too complicated because it doesn't run the whole thing on a push of a button...but it's close (and to all those computer developers out there....that's a skill I can learn...in oh about 6 months).

Tonight is an easy breezy 6 mile recovery.


Bridgette said...

6:30 am?! Already at work?! You psychos!

Running Jayhawk said...


You do realize that I'm going to have to kill you and steal your passes, right?

Sooooooo jealous. I expect lots of photos, lady! :) Lolla is so much fun.

Enjoy the recovery run tonight :)

Lana said...

I'm jealous! You guys will have a blast. Nice twenty miler, by the way!

Sailor Sue said...

Ok. Ok. You asked so I say the band you just have to see is 'moe' because the answer to whose in your belly is......moe. How's that for lollapalooza.

Have lots of fun and great job on your code work. That's code for: great job on your code work.

Keep a runnin' and Go Cubs!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Susanne's friend, Jana, here. I'd go see (you've probably already figured these out) The Blisters, Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs-day 2, and Amy Winehouse, Modest Mouse, and Paolo Nutini or Blue October (toss up)-day 3. I know I'm a perfect stranger, but I so enjoy reading your blog! Chicago is the place I'd love to llive before I die...have fun,jana.

Firefly's Running said...

I could NEVER just put the radio on as a alarm. I would sleep right through it...guaranteed! (BTW, you guys in the same 5 am wake-up club as me...pass the black tea!)

Have fun this weekend!