Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's the Boy's Birthday!

Well my guy is 28. 28.....really? It feels like a just "a couple of years ago" that we were stumbling down Broadway Ave after he's 22nd birthday. Humpf. Mike likes to remind us that Jason has now moved from his "mid" 20s to his "late" 20s. Oh it's so true too. Ah well...we still have 2 years till the big 3-0....yikes!

As random things go, today is also my Dad's birthday. The man is 57 today. Happy Birthday Daddio! Even more random today is also one of our Fermilab friend's birthday! What's with July 12th as a big day for birthdays.....Mom's and Dad's getting busy around the middle of October? Jason says because by that time it's cool enough that mom and dad's can touch each other again instead of laying next to each other sweating in the sweltery summer months. ANYWAYS.

We ran too yesterday!!!!

Nothing too exciting. Just 5 miles recovery. We ended up finishing in exactly 50 minutes, so we were at exactly 10 minute miles which was good news for our tired legs.

We are going to do 8 this afternoon and then an evening at Small Bar in Wicker Park as per the boy's request. Happy Birthday sweet thing!

oh and the baseball games are awesome!!! The first game is the Ryne Sandberg game in 1984...even though the cubs win the game, Jason is twitching because the Cubs keep giving up runs :-). The games are hilarious because they are so different than games now. There is no information on the screen. No little map showing if there are runners on base, or number of balls, strikes and outs. Anyways, it's a pretty fun thing. For those of you that are baseball fans but root for one of the "other" teams in baseball, you should check it out because they do have sets for lots of different teams.


Firefly's Running said...

Happy Birthday, Jason! Have a great time tonight.

mouse said...

A friend of mine has this great theory as to why you're not in your late 20's until you turn 29. It goes something like this...

"Look at it this way, what's the biggest life change in your twenties? Obviously, it's turning 21 and all the exciting things (rum, beer, gin, rum...) that come with it.

Being that 21 is the biggest change, it must follow that 21 is where you go from your early-twenties to mid-twenties.

Of course, in keeping with symmetry, the one year that makes up the early-twenties must equal the one year that makes up the late-twenties (29.)

Therefore, ages 21-28 are mid-twenties."

either way, happy birthday, Jason!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday to all.

Running Jayhawk said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!