Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We Ran Too!

Although the highlight of the weekend was seeing Barack Obama speak we did manage to get some runs in....although I wouldn't say that these would have been highlights if we hadn't gone to see him speak.....


We skipped running on Friday because it was late and cold and windy and shitty out and well, I just didn't want to (I AM SO SICK OF BEING COLD). Instead we went on a dinner and movie date which is always fun. We went to this Mexican restaurant on Clark and Belmont called Killer Margarita which althoughis a little chachky like, has delicious margaritas (and really who doesn't want a frozen drink when it's 0 degrees outside) and tasty tasty food. I was noticing as we were waiting for out table, just how freakin hard the people there were working. Not one person was standing still. Whether it was fixing drinks, or delivering food, or busing tables, it was non stop at all times.

After dinner we headed over to Century Theather and caught The Queen which was really good. I have now seen 3/5 of the best picture nominees (The Departed, The Queen, Little Miss Sunshine) and although all of them are really good, I like The Departed the best so far.....we'll see what the Academy thinks.

On Saturday we slept in and then headed out for 4.5 miles. It was cold out but not so bad once we started moving. I'm so not as tough as other bloggers out there that are pulling out double digits runs in these shitty days...so nice job to all those folks out there. On Sunday we ran 5 miles and then did a lot of walking for the Barack Obama thing....and thus ended out weekend.

Yesterday we played really really well at volleyball. We won one game against one of the best teams in the league and came close on one of the other ones. Our team finally is starting to mesh which is a fun feeling.

It's really snowing badly here so we are working at home. Usually this isn't a problem, but today some old D-zero collaborators who now work in finance were coming into the lab to do some recruiting and Jason and I were two of the people that they were going to talk to. I am hoping that they reschedule, or at least we'll go in later when the roads are in a bit better shape.

alright. onto working.


Joe said...

I'm sorry to hear that you guys are still cold out there in the Windy City. Here in Vancouver, it's starting to warm up and the crocuses are blooming. Ah, ya, this West Coast living baby!

Lana said...

Be careful in that snow! We actually had a 59 degree day yesterday...and it felt hot to me! If it would only stay that way.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Congratulations on the volleyball win!

It's good that you got to stay home today.  It took me an inordinate amount of time to get home from O'Hare this morning.  I'm dreading having to be back at work by 5AM tomorrow.

Josh said...

I really like Little Miss Sunshine, have yet to see The Departed. I need to do that. Glad to hear the runs went well, along with volleyball. Hopefully, the team keeps clicking. And yes ...I can't wait for the warm weather. This sucks.

Firefly's Running said...

Jaosn and Leah, I admire you for working from home. It was a pain in the a** as Josh said to get me to the airport. Hoping for warmer weather soon.