Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Road to Recovery

Today I am wearing my Bears NFC Champs T-Shirt. It does burn a little...BUT they were a good team, and hell, I would rather have my team in the final game than not at all. Baby steps.

Last night we played volleyball and lost three games....but we did play the best team in the league & we stuck with them all of the games and didn't get blown out. After the game, I did 20 minutes on the elliptical machine, lifted weights, did ab work (gotta get the aggression out somehow) and then argued with some friends about whether or not Rex should be shot. I'm standing my ground that he's going to get better. Then when I'm right everyone can bow to me. He DID throw two interceptions in the 4th quarter, but (I think I read this in the morning paper...I could be totally wrong) he also threw for 110 yards in the 4th quarter...he has promise kids....

Ok. I'm done talking about the Bears .... when does training camp start?

We got home to cold apartment as our thermastat seems to be broken. So with single digit temps and no heat for 12 hours, you can imagine the coldness that was our apartment. The apartment people will be out to fix it today so hopefully we'll be home to a bit of a warmer apartment...that and our cat won't be frozen during the day.

Today is an off day. Tomorrow back to running....I am prolonging it so the temps move back up :-)


Josh said...

They were definitely a good team. I remember how much it sucked when KU lost in the national title game in '03, so I feel your pain.

Nice job on the workout ... and I'm in the "anti-Rex" camp, just in case you tallying votes.

Firefly's Running said...

Oh no! A cold apartment. That sucks. That's why making cookies and frozen pizza are the best invention on nights like this. :D