Thursday, February 08, 2007


That's what running on a Treadmill is.

Jesus, I do NOT know how people can do a lot of training on one of the machines.

Jason and I worked from 9am-8pm and then headed to the gym that is on site here. I chose to do the running first and then lifting weights and obviously Jason was the other way around since there is one treadmill to use. Never has 5 miles felt so long. Everytime I would look down at the distance completed it would have only jumped like .05 miles. Maybe if you had a treadmill in your house and could watch TV or something it would be ok, but staring at a wall for 45 minutes was less than fun. But I got through 5 I got that going for me.

After the running I lifted the weights to get all big and buff. I am also up to 110 situps (total of all the different flavors I do) and I have been trying to hold this plank position on each side and then in the middle(I am tired and realizing none of this is making sense)...but I am up to 50 seconds on each side & the middle....and will try and bump this to 1 minute soon. We are going to try and hit the gym again tomorrow pushing us up to three days of weight lifting.

I also weighed myself on the way out and even though the scale is kinda crappy it looks like I am down about 5-6 pounds since going to the doctor a couple weeks ago. I don't really care what the number is, but what is interesting to me is that there is a weight my body likes to be at and the second I get out of going to the bars to watch football and back to working out and eating a bit better I am back to that platau weight....which is nice I guess. Now if only those Coffee Nips would get out of my desk creamy and delicious and really bad for my teeth.

We got home around 10:30, showered watching something on DVR and went to bed around 12:30am.....obviously then we didn't see 5am....but we were up at 6:45....15 minutes after the alarm went off....only because we set a cell phone alarm on the other side of the room....really forcing us to GET out of bed instead of just banging on our alarm clock.

I have a ton of work to do so I don't know if we'll be able to run today. I hate this, but I absolutly have to get something done before our vacation and I have three weeks until that happens. Three weeks till SUNSHINE and warm weather! Come on time....move faster!


Thomas said...

I think the dreadmill is the main reason why runners like mp3 players

LeahC said...

oh i had my didn't really help...although i guess it did because if i hadnt' had at least that i would have made myself fall off the back of the machine...which by the way almost happened because i started daydreaming :-)

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I hate the treadmill also, and it's making me dread my planned workout this afternoon.  I alternate between all the aerobic machines at my gym (such as the bike, stairmaster, etc.) but have to pound the stupid moving belt at least once a week to keep my running muscles working.  Bleh, I hate it.

At least you got your five miles done.  Just think: if you can do that kind of distance when bored, remember what you can pull off when you are having fun.

Keep counting down the days to your vacation!

GeekGirl said...

Since I live in Florida, I pretty much don't believe in treadmills. I'll hit it when I'm sick or something like that or maybe if I have to run really late and it's not safe.

I find that my body has a weight it likes to be at too. Once I stop cramming crap in my mouth and sucking down cosmos like it's my job, w/in a couple of weeks my body is back to a normal weight. Funny how that works.

LeahC said...


sucking down cosmos like it's my job,

ha!!! I felt that way that past few weeks with cans of domestic beer (cause what else goes with football :-) )

Lana said...

I right there with ya on "bring on the spring"...I need warmer temps soooo badly!

Firefly's Running said...

AMEN, sister! We need Spring to show up NOW! Minnesota is TOO damn cold.

(P.S. I am working on getting Josh to LOVE the treadmill. Just don't tell him that..ok? tee-hee!)

Anonymous said...

You rock. Keep up the great ab workout.

Garou said...

Yeah, dreadmills can suck. At my Y, I can watch TV (though I still listen to my mp3 player, thank goodness for closed-captioning of mindless daytime TV!), and at home, a TV was the second thing I set up near the 'mill. (The first was a box fan, because otherwise I roast.) The plus side of a regular dreadmill workout is that it can really help on long, solo training runs or trail marathons, where you may not see another human being for half an hour. It's just you and a trail, plodding along, step after step after step after step, with no crowd. Then, all those hours staring at cinderblocks come in slightly handy. (But only slightly)

Joe said...

Yup, treadmills are boring but I'm always thankful that I have one during Vancouver's long "monsoon" season.