Wednesday, February 21, 2007

$200 later

The window is fixed and we got some new windshield wipers. I have to give a HUGE recommendation to Safelite Auto Glass. You just give them a call, they tell you how much it will be and when a tech will be there. Then you wait patiently in front of your window watching your poor car that has a garbage bag over a window so that if there were to be a person that was interested in entering the car you could run outside and yell at them. Then they call you when they are there and 30 minutes later you have a new window. Very Slick. I don't know how much a window should cost, but I had too much work to do yesterday to be taking the car anywhere and getting stuck waiting around for it. So Safelite Auto Glass if you ever need a new window (next will be our windshield that has cracked due, we think, to the bitter cold temps that we had in Chicago land for the last apparently my lifetime).

Now the sad news. I don't think jason and I will be running the Sarasota half maraton. Not that we couldn't finish it, but we don't have the money to do it. It will be $110 for us both to do it and given then $200 that we just spent on the window it's just not possible. I don't think I would have had a problem finishing it and it would have been really fun to run a race down there, but it's just not finacially a good idea right now. I can always change my mind and sign up when I'm down there, but then the price shoots up again to 75 each I think and so it probably won't happen.

So that's that.

We went for a run last night in the awesome 45 degree weather. Just about 4 miles. I think we started to fast because we were a bit tired at the end....and by tired I mean we walked the last half...not mile...of the run. And you know. I wasn't thrilled, but Jason and I talked about what we were going to do when he gets a job in June and how nice it's going to be to have a slightly nicer apartment and be able to start looking for a condo in the next year or two years. It was so amazing outside that we just were loving walking around the neighborhood. Given that Tuesdays have been my off day anyways, I'm good with this.

It seems that my slip on the ice was a bit more of disaster than I had thought. I thought I was just going to have a scapped elbow and a sore butt as that is what I fell on, but as the evening progressed my entire back got more and more stiff. I went to bed last night and could barely move. I slept a long time and didn't want to get out of bed because it hurt too much to turn over. Hopefully this goes away sooner than later as it's literally a pain in the ass.

Tonight at Hopleaf there will be a very cool selections of science writers reading from their books as part of the Bookslut reading series. Jennifer Ouellette of Cocktail Party Physics is going to be there and I love her site so we are going to try and head over there. We'll see how work goes as I might still be here trying to find the elusive Bc.


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

How late are you guys going to be there?  I live only a few blocks from Hopleaf and I shoul be back in the neighborhood by 9 or 10PM.

Anyway, if I don't see you there, have a good time.

P.S. to all of Jason & Leah's readers: if we each put in $5-$10, we could probably raise enough $$ to cover at least one of their entry fees from Sarasota.  Who's with me?  Comment here or on my blog, and I'll setup a paypal site if there's enough interest.

LeahC said...

hey josh..the thing starts at 7:30, so we'll probably still be there around 9...I don't know about 10, but perhaps.

as far as the $$ for the entry fees what a super nice idea, but it's ok. There are a lot of family issues (grandparents going crazy) going on in florida as well so I don't even know if I would able to make it to the race as it is. but shit, you are so nice to think of us like that. there are always other races and we do have a lot of races coming up!

Maybe we'll see you tonight!

Joe said...

I'm glad you got the whole window thing resolved. Don't you wish that just once you could catch one of those losers in the act? They'd be sorry. They don't want to mess with Mighty Leah, I'm sure!

Too bad about the half. Maybe you and Jason could do a timed 13.1 mile run with your Garmins and pretend it's a race? Naw, that would be no fun. You'd kick Jason's butt, right? God knows he can't kick your butt right now because it's sore.

LeahC said...

I totally wish that i could catch people that do this. AT LEAST TAKE SOMETHING IF YOU ARE GOING TO BREAK THE WINDOW...JESUS.

(and yes I would kick jason's butt :-) I have to hold onto these days because on day he's going to get so super speedy and I'm going to be all...wait for me )

Firefly's Running said...

Leah, I hope your back feels better. It's a good excuse to take a warm bath to relax your back muscles.

I am sorry that you had to make it for the Saratosa marathon. Hopefully, you can select another race to make up for it.

Have fun tonight at the Hopleaf. I envy you both. I have to wait until this weekend to go there with Josh (I hope if my knee allows!)

Anonymous said...

Isn't the weather awesome!
Glad your car window is fixed and take care of your back.

Bridgette said...

This is actually a blessing in disguise, leah! Now you can buy someone's entry to the Mini in May!! :) YAY!

Thomas said...

Ah shugs about the Sarasota half marathon. But I do get the feeling that your heart isn't really into running at the moment, and missing that race might rekindle the necessary fire for Chicago 2007.

LeahC said...

hey thomas-

I agree that my heart is not where it was when I was training for Chicago last summer, or even the few months after the marathon. The winter here has been so awful and I have been pulling long hours at the lab and so running has moved down in importance. In the summers when we are back to 18 hours of daylight (maybe a slight exagerration) it's so much easier to come home and go running. but no, I don't love going out in 10 degree weather with the wind at 20mph.

It's getting better here which is alwasy good, but as we get ready to go on vacation we will be very busy getting work shit wrapped up. I plan on running every day in florida and then probably not once while in the bahamas. Hopefully when we get back we'll start preparing for the marathon training.

In the end this race was a way for my mom to see me race and that was pretty much it. I knew I couldn't give it the time that I gave the marathon or any of the races last year.

SRR said...

Good grief...I hope your back feels better soon!