Friday, February 23, 2007

Talking to Dad....Barely

My dad lives aboard his 40 ft sailboat which is now located in the Bahamas. For the first time since ...well since forever, I haven't been able to talk to him on a daily basis. That's right, I call my parents almost everyday. Leave me alone. Now that he and my stepmom are in the Bahamas it's espcially very hard to talk to them given the lack or very expensive existance of cell phones down there. We have gotten skype to work though which is cheap and pretty awesome.

BUT.....My dad just tried to call me via Skype but the connection on his end was too slow to get a phone call through. But I was able to chat with him via gmail for a few minutes. So I was on the chat trying to remember all the things that happened this week....oh and then our car was broken into....oh and then i fell on the ice and broke my ass.....oh and then I worked long hours at the lab....oh yeah and THEN....seriously I sound like I'm 2 years old....and then...and then...and then....

We will be going on a sailing cruise for part of our vacation with him. 8 days in the bahamas....I'll totally take that! As long as we can always afford a flight (somewhat this time) we'll have free places to stay in crazy exotic places. They don't ever plan on coming back to the least for the next decade or so. This trip will be the first time that we will be visiting them somewhere other than the United States. I'm so excited.

Bring IT.


Firefly's Running said...

Sounds like SO much fun!! It has been years since I went somewhere OUTSIDE of the country when I sent to the Dominican Republic two days after Y2K (Don't ask why we went at that time...long story!) I love the blue water...the shopping...the free food...and more free booze and shopping together. :D I hope you and Jason get the $$$ together to go visit your dad. It will be a alot of fun. Plus it's okay to talk to your parent everyday. Hell, my mom lives only 45 minute away from me...but I am VERY guilty of not talking to her more than once every week or two weeks. oooooops!

Anonymous said...

I talk to my dad almost every day to. But, sounds like a great trip is you can make it.