Friday, February 16, 2007

All Work and No Running....

You know the rest.

Yesterday I worked from 9-7:15, today I got up promptly at 5am and got in here by a bit before 7...that's right, that's less that a 12 hour turn around. I had a very tiny albeit perhaps important (how about that for non-commital) breakthrough last night with my analysis. I caught my advisor at the end of his OWL (midnight - 8am) shift this morning....which is always a great time to catch someone. At 7am, you are always a little cooky as your shift comes to an end. Anyways, he said it's looking good, but then said sometihng about integrating and then I went into cooky land. Sigh. I better start to understand what he is talking about as he has gone over it about a dozen times and I'm still sitting there smiling and nodding while I really have big question marks over my head.

So we didn't run last night as we got home, ate and went to bed.

In very very exciting news, Jason has been given the green light to start WRITING HIS THESIS. That means that come Mayish we'll all have to start calling him Dr. Jason. Also come Mayish he'll be able to get a job and we can get out of this financial nightmare that we are sitting in. Sure sure, I COULD go out less and not have to eat the 5 for $10 pizzas at the end of the month...but what fun would that be. On Tuesday we talked to a physics guy that now works at Bank of America which was very interesting and exciting as they really really like hiring PhD physics nerds and know what we are capable of. So maybe that connection will be able to bear some fruit....and when I say fruit I mean cash.

As for me, I am going to hand in my 6 months to go form. Not that this means that I'll be done in 6 months, but if a miracle occurs and I am done in 6 months I'll be allowed to graduate. Oh the thought of being done in 6 months has me doing imaginary dances in my cubicle....not that I can't dance or that I care if people see me...but imaginary cause 6 months seems so impossible. Baby steps.

Happy Friday everyone!


Bob said...

Happy Friday to you, is it the Dog Days of winter or is it just me?

Firefly's Running said...

That's awesome news, Leah and Jason. Hang in there. I have 10 months until graduation. I need to inspired to get through it. You guys inspire me. Then I can starting talking about a MASTER'S DEGREE! **sigh** :D