Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Warmness Here I Come!

oh Friday. Why are you still three days away? Sarasota for 8 days and then the Bahamas for 8 days.....Get me the hell outta Chicago in March!

I suppose I was a bit confusing last time I posted. We just barely were able to get the tickets when we got them...but it's only money right? I suppose I have lots of time to make money, but only one time to go to the Bahamas and only have to pay for my airfare. We will stay aboard my Dad's 40ft sailboat and travel to many of the islands that are down there. At http://scottsuesailaway.blogspot.com you can see lots of picutres up of their trip including all the places that Jason and I will be visiting when we are there.

So I sit nervously on the edge of my seat waiting for Friday morning. Jason and I both have set things that we need to have done and running before we go....so the sooner that happens....the sooner we can really start packing and getting ready to go. My big plan is to run every day while I am in Florida. Then I'm guessing we'll go to the Beach or visit my crazy grandparents and go see my cousins after they get home from school...oh yeah and we are going to a Reds Spring training game with Haight and his wife which should be a blast!

I am really really itching to run again. I know me, and I know when I get this feeling I am done for (in a good way) for the rest of the summer. It's looking 8 days of running, 8 days of swimming (or 8000 labs on the sailboat) and then we'll be back home. Then it's off to Washington DC for a businessy trip. Jason is going with me this year so we'll be able to run the Mall together. I ran last year by myself and it's a really great town to run in so I'm looking forward to that trip as well.

We just got back from Bloomington, IN which was nice. We saw our good friends Aaron and Karen while we were there which is always fun. Aaron recently accepted a position at the Theoretical Astrophysics Institute (or something)...in Zurich so those kids will be moving out there in the fall for the next three years which is just fantastic.

Jason gave an hour long high energy physics seminar while we were there and he did a really spectacular job. It's a little daunting speaking to a room full of PhD physics professors....in the end I think I was more nervous than him. It will be my turn to do this presentation sometime in the spring and I'm already sick about it. Hopefully it'll be better than my first ever presentation when I literally couldn't speak for my first two slides (it was awe-ful). But I'm a vetran now at giving talks so hopefully it wouldn't be so bad.

It's always fun visiting the town that your undergrad University was in. Jason and I met during our sophmore year and were quickly best friends and lab partners. It wasn't until 1.5 years later than we started dating. But I always go down there and get all, "Remember that time...or that other time..." and Jason just smiles and says....of course I do sweetie :-)

I think my code that I had to have done before I left is working, which is crazy! Nothing ever works for me this fast. Whee! I'll be able to check it tomorrow and see how it did and then hopefully it'll be set up to just run run run while I'm gone. (I am generating particles and it takes 15 minutes for 1 event and I need something like a million.......)

Alright. Happy Tuesday All!


Firefly's Running said...

Keep those warm thoughts going, Leah. Sounds like Jason and you had a good weekend.

Joe said...

Have fun on your trip. I'm so jealous!