Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Somebody fetch me a little Ukranian woman!


Today was an attempt to repeat the lactate threshold run that went not so well yesterday. Unfortunately, the repeat was a bit too similar to the original.

Leah and I both started out together with the intent to do the warmup more slowly than yesterday and that worked out pretty well. Our paces were 9:24, 9, and then 8 something. Unfortunately, around mile 2.5, Leah's body gave out. She waved me on and this time I had the good sense to listen and went on to finish the run. I was feeling pretty okay as the rain was keeping me cool and I had eaten and hydrated well all night at work. Leah ran walked a large portion of the distance, but her body just wouldn't cooperate.

What was the problem? In a word, nutrition. Unfortunately, Leah is in some kind of viscious circle of not eating. She has lost her appetite due to the heat and other circumstances and that is making her tired and taking away even further her will to eat. Last night she couldn't bring herself to eat dinner and probably had less than 1000 calories all day. It's pretty hard to do 10 miles when all you have to work off of is a bagel that you ate 3 hours ago. No fuel? Body shuts down...and you almost throw up...again. It's bad news, folks, and something that badly needs to be addressed.

So I'm taking action! I have purchased a large array of snack-type foods. Healthy, yummy, refreshing snacky-things that can be eaten with frequency and no one snack is too much food. These will be eaten at least hourly and we are going to build up that calories, dammit. At this point, it is eat or don't run and I think I know how Leah would feel about that. I certainly know how I feel about that. My baby is wasting away! I'm not going to have anything to hold onto. One of these days she'll turn sideways and I'll never find her again. I need to get me a live-in Ukranian grandmother to shovel food into her.

Okay, I've started to ramble. The current plan is to continue on with the week and accept that this one run wasn't so great. Tomorrow is a recovery run which shouldn't deplete whatever glycogen stores Leah manages to build up today and then a 11 mile general aerobic. Hopefully those runs are more successful.

Okay, Leah's ice bath is probably almost over and so that means it's almost my turn, so I'd better go; the icy water of death is calling me.


Running Jayhawk said...

In my best mom voice..."Don't make me come over there with a bag of groceries young lady!!"

Hope you two feel better after the ice bath.

Josh said...

Great idea re: the snack-type foods. I need to buy some more of those myself. Sorry the repeat didn't turn out well at all.

LeahC said...

hey josh-

i should note that jason did get through the miles and he is a speedy guy. so we are happy for him! I am going to be back on the train...well whenever I get back on it :-)

Firefly's Running said...

Eat, eat, and eat! If you have go with some liquid (ex: Boost, Ensure PROTEIN, Slim Fast, etc.) - DO IT! But it's important to eat. Smoothies are the best thing when it's REALLY hot, just sure that there's some soy protein powder in there to heal those malnurished (sp?) muscles. I can understand how hard it is to eat when it's HOT. I do it and I have to push myself at times.

I hope both of you feel better. Ice bath is SO good too when it's hot.

Theoutofshapeguy said...

Welcome to the turn sideways disappearing club. The best part is if you let your body go limp, the wind will carry u the rest of the way.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

There should be lots of Ukranian grandmas available in your new neighborhood.

LeahC said...

oooh don't i know it! you think it'd be wrong to walk into people's houses, sit down and ask what's for dinner?