Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I Wish...

I could say the 8 miles went swimmingly and we just jolly like knocked the miles off at an 8:45 pace. Sadly we did not.

Disappointed? Yes.
Surprised? No.

Not sleeping or eating well or running for 1.5 weeks, plus running in this obsene heat all adds up to Jason and Leah looking at each other and going, "We like doing this?"

The plan called for 8 miles w/sprints. Since we were going to skip the speed work and because we were dragging we cut the run at 6 miles. We have 5 tomorrow and then 8 again on Thursday so we are hopping those will be better.

The Good news :
  1. We averaged a 9:11 pace with 3 miles at ~9:10, 1 mile at 10:25 (long water stop) and 2 miles <9>
  3. It was nice to be sweating while actually doing something!
  4. The easy one....we were running!!!!
  5. On the walk home (we like to finish on the lakefront path and cool down by walking home) we stopped at 7-11 and got slurpy's and then discussed the finer points of the drink for most of the rest of the walk home...what makes them so delicious...what makes them so creamy and not icey??? ALL good questions!
Tomorrow it's 5 miles and we are goign to try and end at North Avenue Beach (NAB) and do our most favorite summer time thing....Jump in the lake to cool off. Usually we walk home from there, but we are going to try taking the Clark St. bus instead since it's something like 4 miles to our apartment from NAB.

Oh and we put the window unit in the bedroom. I CANNOT have another night like last night. So here's to a solid at least 6 hours of sleep. I will be SO happy.

Stay cool everyone!


Joe said...

At least you got out there and ran a few miles. I would imagine that most people would cower indoors or at an air conditioned mall under similar circumstances.

Have you tried napping at work during your lunch break? I get in about 30 minutes of sleep almost every lunch hour. Since I've started doing that, I seem to recover faster from my workouts.

Thanks for the tip about BootCamp. I ended up buying my wife a Toshiba but if she has any trouble with it over the next couple of weeks, we'll return it to Staples and get a MacBook instead. Regardless, I'll get myself a MacBook soon because my computer is getting old.

BTW, judging from the name, I assume BootCamp is a boot loader solution as opposed to a virtual machine solution. Is that correct?

LeahC said...


lunch break? especially since i am on shifts i am stuck in the same place for 8 hours watching the computers. I can just my eyes in the chair, but not for 30 minutes. On a normal day I usually eat lunch at my desk.

Yes bootcamp allows you dual boot the machine like you would a linux deal with windows or linux.

Anonymous said...

Good effort on the run. You schedule is very demanding!
I love slurpy's but haven't had one in a long time. YUm

Ryan said...

Heat can be a huge deterrent to good running - don't let it good you down. You'll find your groove. You just need to re-adapt to the program. Go get a good run tomorrow as the temps will be cooler.

Josh said...

At least you got out there and ran. And I know how happy I am when I run with no leg pain. It's a monumental moment ... did you take pictures? J/k. Anyways, here's to your pursuit of a solid six hours!

Firefly's Running said...

Nice job on the run today. It's better than not doing it today.

As for the slurpys, I LOVE them. But they don't have a 7-11 in MN. I lived by TWO of the them within 2 blocks on each direction (north and south!) in Colorado Springs.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I know it's hard to get out there in the heat when you haven't been running much lately.

I commend you for your efforts.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...
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