Monday, July 31, 2006

Cashing In

Jason and I have decided to cash in our week that we have in the bank. We started this training program 3 weeks early to take into account our trip to England, scheduling issues, injuries etc. We are still a week ahead and since last week didn't go quite as planned we are going to repeat it this week.

We are also working 4-midnight so will be running around 9 or 10am so I don't know how much better it will go, but now our backs are against the wall and we don't have the buffer to fall back on. This should keep us in check.

Tomorrow is again the 10 miles with 5 at 15K pace. Just have to take this one mile at a time and slow down on our warm up miles. That's the plan kids. That's the plan.


Bob said...

Welcome to the schedule, while I liked seeing the runs a week before they happened for me, it will be more now I think.


LeahC said...

and NOW i get to see the workouts from you since you tend to be a day ahead of me! sweet.

Michele said...

Good luck on the 10 miler!