Sunday, July 16, 2006

One Down and One to Go

We got through the 16 hour work day here at Fermilab yesterday and are starting in on the next one. I'm in some kind of weird state of awakeness. So the deal is that both Jason and I are on shift this weekend. I am going midnight-8am and then Jason from 8am-4pm. Of course it was impossible to get sleep before coming here yesterday, so I got up around 9am Friday morning, slept from about 8pm-10pm and then came in here. Jason was actually able to sleep in the car from about 12:30-5am which was nice. I tried to sleep in the car from about 8:30-11:30 but I got a call from my dad at 8:33 needing help ordering a new laptop (I am VERY jealous as he is getting the new MacBook!). So I fell asleep at about 9:30 and woke up at about 10:30....but at 10:30 in the a this no good. So it was back to my desk inside the lovely air conditioning.

Not all is bad though, I am reading a REALLY good book and the vending machine here is filled with Diet Pepsi and Klondike I'm good to go for many many hours on end. I mean really what the hell else do you need. That's right, I'm a healthy girl.

Today we'll be back home at 4pm, then back at midnight again...but this time we can leave at 8am because Jason won't be on shift anymore. Then it's just the normal OWL shifts for the next week and then people....


Poor Jason though will have some more weeks to do, but at least our schedule will only be shifts every third week instead of two weeks in a row and then a week off.

I believe there were plans for a CRU meet up on Sunday the 23rd. It will be a tight schedule for Jason and I, but can work around stuff to get that in. Just thinking about other options....what are people doing on Monday the 24th? Perhaps and after work gathering somewhere? If not we can stick with Sunday.

***editor's note: it looks like people are coming from out of town for the meet up, so let's stick with Sunday. Now we just need a plan. I am going to see if Jason can move his Monday 12-8am shift to Thursday......then we can get everything in...if that happens obviously the below changes to Thursday night....have I made this all too confusing?***

Also perhaps a celebratory beer on Wednesday night? I want to celebrate being done with these shifts since they have consumed the last 4 months of my life and on Wednesday Jason won't have to go in at midnight for a shift....just a thought if anyone out there reading this is interested let me know.


Susan said...

is it wrong of me to want a laptop and my precious . . . i can see so many advantages of both . . . how's the new garmin working? does it work with mac?

LeahC said...

no i totally want both. in fact i neeeeed it :-) The garmin does not work with the mac yet. You could do the bootcamp thing but you have to have a window's XP disc with service pack 2 on there...which i don't. However, I noticed this the other day on one of the geeky sites that I peruse :

which i think looks so interesting.

Running Rabbit said... can move it. I booked a room at the Congress for this Sunday night. I debated staying Monday night too...but...regardless I will be there Sunday to Monday. I could possible stay over on Monday too...but I'm rambling. I'll email some of you all when it gets closer. :-)

LeahC said...


no i think that sunday will be fine. I think Jason and I will run as part of our commute (running home from the train station downtown....ooh gives me a chance to check out garmin in the big downtown buildings) and then we'll sleep for a little bit and should be ready to go by latish afternoon. See you Sunday! Jason will have to go to work...but I don't :-) hee hee!

Josh said...

After I read you posts, I always find myself tired. I am so amazed that you both manage to work those crazy shifts, train and do everything else in day-to-day life. Absoultely amazed!

LeahC said...


yes this weekend is crazy...but we aren't running. just working and sleeping and commuting. we'll be back into running starting on Tuesday's been so long I wonder how to do foot in front of the other right?

Anonymous said...

I would love to come to the CRU meet up - I have a Continuing Ed class until 4 pm on Sunday in the burbs. But, if I can't there I would love to celebrate with you and Jason and Wednesday.

Great to have you back.

Ryan said...

I'd come downtown on Sunday - if I can find a way to "break away" from the in-laws, who will be visiting. Not sure if the wife will give the green light. *Sigh*

Firefly's Running said...

I hate long shift and odd ones too. I totally feel for both of you. I hope you get some rest soon.