Saturday, July 22, 2006

5 Miles + Apartments

The not too interesting :

Ran 5 mile recovery run and felt great, slow and steady. TONS of people on the lake front path, beautiful day yadda yadda.

The very interesting :

On Friday Jason and I started the apartment hunt. We don't really have to move until the end of September but thought we would start looking and even take a Sept1st rental if we found the perfect place. We are looking in a new neighborhood for us which should be really fun. I grew up around Wrigleyfield and we have lived near the corner of Belmont/Broadway and now we live near Sourthport/Addison. Looking then at Ukrainin Village/Bucktown/Wicker Park is very different for us.

And so it started.

We looked at 4 really really REALLY bad apartments. I couldn't believe the one apartment they called a gut rehab. You can't just buy a new stove and call an apartment a gut rehab. All the apartments were really small and yet expensive. I was getting really frustrated but Jason was all, we just started looking, we can't get too discouraged yet. The last apartment we were looking at was in Ukrainian Village and I was convinced that it was going to be garbage like the rest of the stuff we had looked.....

Man was I wrong about that! We found an AWESOME place! It's perfect for our commute, it has an EAT IN KITCHEN which I have never had, two bedrooms and all kinds of built in bookshelves and wooden decorations and laundry/storage in the basement. It's cheaper than our place now and way way cheaper than anything else we have seen in the neighborhood.

My mom used to go to Ukrianin school (think My Big Fat Greek Wedding...change Greek to Ukrainian and you have my mom's childhood & family...seriously, it's hilarious) right down the block from our apartment. It's right next door to a neighborhood market, two blocks from a fresh produce market, around the corner from a bar that has $2 oldstyles, $1 pool, FREE popcorn on open mic Monday nights. AND a couple more blocks away we found....wait for it....AN UKRAINIAN BUFFETT!!!!! I called my mom and told her about it and she said she's been there and it's awesome. are you kidding me? Periogies....buffett style! awesome!

The apartment is also only 1.6 miles from a Metra station making it actually possible to take the train to work. We can bike there and not die (we are currently 6 miles away and it's almost impossible to do the train thing because it just takes a really long time and with marathon training I just don't have that kind of time).

We think our friend can take over our apartment for the month of September making our move out easy because we can just stop by every day and pick up another box of books or whatever. We have offered that we will keep the apartment furnished for him so we will be living on an air mattress for a month...but whataever it's awesome becuase we can just slowly move our stuff in and have someone to take our apartment and not have to worry about loosing too much money.

Of course the only problem is the distance from the lakefront path....but....that's just a problem waiting for a solution. Oh and for as big as the kitchen is, there isn't any counter space....but again, we are clever kids and will come up with something spectacular.

On Monday they will run a credit check and call our current landlords and make sure we have paid our rent and so on and hopefully everything will pass and we'll be able to sign the lease next week. I have to call our people first thing Monday and let them know we are going to move out and tell them to expect a call from this other company. So stay tuned....more adventures to come!


Bob said...

Congrats on the new digs guys!! I would think pictures will be in order soon enough.

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! I'm not for sure where the new place is but I always took the bus (north ave) down to the lakefront path if I really wanted to get there, but I actually loved running through the neighborhood when I was there.
I've also been to the buffett - yum!
And, if you want more periogies - periogie fest is next week in IN!
Lastly, my family is the big fat greek wedding family minus the windex.
See you tonight.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Congratulations on the new apartment.  Sounds terrific.

I used to live in that area and I found the bikeride to the lakefront to be quick and pleasant.

I've also run before in the UV, and it's nice because the sidewalks aren't crowded.

Bridgette said...

You should bike to the lakefront, run, then bike back! Think of it as training for a duathlon...then there's only 1 more sport to make it a tri!!

I'll make you join me yet...