Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm Hot Too!

But I can't REALLY complain about this weather because I am bringing some of it on myself.

Jason and I live on a 3rd floor apartment that is air conditioning-less. Which is fine most of the time. If you can just get through the bad days then the days when it's 80-85 really aren't that bad and we can get the fresh air breezes which we love. Last summer though we had many many days in a row when it was 100+ during the days and sticking in the 90s at night. Finally one night at midnight we broke down and got a window unit for our bedroom. This purchase came after many sleepless night and many comments to each other of the order, "Get out of my personal space. It's too hot". The air conditioner was nice for cooling us down, but it makes our bedroom like a cocoon and I miss the noises from the street and the fresh air.

So this year we have yet to put the window unit in. Before we left for England the weather was fine and after we got back I was back to the, "Let's just wait it out....it's going to be fine in a couple of days". We are working nights this week and trying to sleep during the day....you know when it's super hot out. I am hoping this will help our bodies get acclemented to the heat better so our summer running won't be so painful. Yeah...that's it. I am also looking forward to being off these midnight shifts so I can go back to sleeping at night when it's a normal temperature.

On Sunday when we got home from shifting we tried to go to sleep around 6pm and it was like my sheets were burning me so we moved to the living room and tried to sleep on the floor because at least the air was moving there. So a couple of hours of sleep (waking up mid sleep to see that the Cubs had gone down 12-5...my GOD do they suck!) So yesterday I was all ready to get some sleep. Oh no. I am wide awake...not really, but I am so overly exhausted that my body will not relax. Finally I start to calm down, I watch the end of a movie in bed, but I can't quite fall asleep. I say fuck it and down two Excedrin PM. Oh this knocks me out real good, but you know what happens when you get knocked out like that. You don't move. So what happens when you wake up? That's right you are laying in a puddle of your own sweat. So. Gross. I moved back to the living room floor around 7:30 and fell back alseep around 9pm and was up at 10pm. So I got my 8 hours of sleep....just kind of gross sleep.

Tomorrow the high is only going to be 81 so that's like a 20 degree difference from yesterday so we should feel that and can hopefully get some normalish sleep.

I haven't been eating really great. It's so hard on this schedule because it's like wait what meal should I be eating at 3am. So let's see Sunday when I got up at 10pm I had a bowl of Cheerios followed by a bag of Cheetos at about 1:30am followed by a Klondike bar at about 4am.....all together with a diet pepsi...that works for lunch right? On the way home Jason and I stopped at the Golden Apple on Southport and Lincoln for some breakfast....and then at midnight I got to work and had a bagel. That's not right, I think I missed something in there. We d id buy some fruit and yogurt though for this shift....so hopefully my cash can stay out of said vending machine.

Running? Wait...this is a running blog? Shut up!

Jason and I will be running 8 miles tomorrow. WHEEE!!! We are taking the train home from the burbs and then are going to run home from the station downtown. I am really looking forward to getting these legs moving agian (hopefully they will!) Stay tuned to see if we survive!


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I don't envy you at all. Last year I was still living solo in a 3rd floor flat with no air as well. I used to sleep on the floor with bags of frozen veggies on me or escape to Tom's - lucky for me Tom's home is now my home and we have AC.
good luck with the 8 miles.

Running Jayhawk said...


Seriously...come crash on our sofa bed. You need to be cooling your body down!!

Go run and then treat yourself to an ice bath!!!

Joe said...

Cheetos! CHEETOS! Hehe.

LeahC said...

the window unit.....is going in. i can't stand it!

LeahC said...


love (!) the bags of frozen vegis :-)