Monday, July 24, 2006

12 Miles down and .....

a hard week to come.

Well we did it. We got through 12 miles yesterday. I got home from work around 9am and just layed down in bed for one second and I could feel the sleep enveloping me. I totally could have gone to sleep right then and woken up at 3 and gotten my 12 miles in. However, I knew that if I fell asleep then there would be no waking up by 3 and since we had the CRU meet up that night we couldn't get the run in at night. So with every last amount of energy I could muster I threw myself off the bed ran to my computer, started blasting some fun energetic music and got my running clothes on, some breakfast in me and we were out the door.

And it went ok. It was hot since we were leaving around 9:30am. There is a part of the lakefront path which is beautiful since it's right in front of downtown, BUT there is no shade for 1.5 miles and it's right along 3 beaches and you can jump into the water at any point during that 1.5 miles (for you Chicagoans between NAB and Navy Pier). So we make it to the the turnaround point and start heading back and this time we we run through the desert (that's what we call that area) and I get really upset. It's just that we used to run over to that area and go swimming and then walk home or whatever and I just wanted to do that so bad but we still had 2.5 miles to go and I knew that I would be pissed if we cut it short. It just looked so much fun, people launching themselves into the water and I was so hot I couldn't even stand it. As we crossed back over Lake Shore Drive I told Jason we were going to the beach the next day even if it's just for a few hours. So that's the plan anyways and I'M SO EXCITED. I'm just waiting for the cute boy to get home from shift and we can head over there.

The short list, 12 miles avg 9:31 pace. Perfect. Right in the middle of our allotted pace range for long runs. Some miles <9>10 a bunch inbetween and you end up right where you should be. Plus given the heat I would expect to slow down a little bit.

The CRU meet up was tons of fun yesterday. We met some new people including Haight, Whitney and her fiance, and RR. Fun times were had by all (of course!). Chicago people stay tuned because Jason and I are planning to have a party in our new digs after we move in...since we are again air conditioning less, we'll wait till it cools down a need to overheat all you runners.

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Lana said...

Great run!! Congrats on getting it in nicely even though you were tired!