Thursday, July 20, 2006

5 Miles of Sludge

It went better. We did a 5 mile recovery run today...I have taken 'recovery' to mean just run slow and comfortable. I have stopped taking Garmin on these runs because I don't like to worry about my pace and whatever. I like to just move and flow and look around etc etc.

So it was 5 miles. It was good. We didn't stop at all except for water at one point. By the way, at this water stop we also rinsed our faces (one of the water fountains on the lakefront path has like a big tub of water that the fountain goes into) and boy did that help. It instantly cooled me down quite a bit and so for those of you out there running in the heat, just something I found that probably doesn't actually help anything, but it feels really damn good!

Today after work we are attempting the 8 miles again. Then Friday is a day off...but we are going to be looking at lots of apartments in the Bucktown/Wicker Park/Ukrainian Village neighborhoods. We walked around Ukrainian Village this evening on our way to work and got some dinner. We both really liked it and so are excited to see some of the apartments. PLUS we saw an Ukrainian deli which has perogies, polish sausage and so mother's parents were born in the Ukraine and my mom is fluent in the language and since everyone moved away I don't get these delicious treats living near that would be a great thing@


Anonymous said...

I just moved from Wicker Park and LOVE that whole area. The only bad thing is that it is becoming so popular the rent was going way up when I left. But, I miss it all the time.
Oh, one other bad thing - as a runner not easy to get to the lakefront path mostly because it was always scary to run from my place to the lake but I always ran through the neighborhood which was nice.

Bob said...

I love perogies, but I love just about any food...sigh.....anyway you will knock the rust off those legs in no time, once you get this weeks long run under your belt you will be back on track.

Good luck with the apartment hunting.

Firefly's Running said...

Periogies? YUMMMY! I love them.

LeahC said...


yes it is a concern about the lake front path. BUT we are two people and so I won't ever being running alone and so could prolly run down north ave to get to the lake front. we shall see :-)

Joe said...

It's very liberating when you can leave the Garmin, the HRM, the stopwatch and the other gadgets at home and just run.

BTW, I will soon be experiencing your kind of heat; Vancouver is supposed to reach highs of about 38C/100F over the next couple of days. Those kinds of temperatures are VERY rare in this part of the world. Anyone who doesn't yet believe in Global Warming should give their heads a shake (and stop driving Hummers, big-ass SUVs and other gas guzzlers).

Unfortunately, I don't have an air conditioner (except in my car). Maybe it's time to buy one.

Theoutofshapeguy said...

I love a good perogie like I love a good apple butter.

Anonymous said...

You know the thing about north ave isn't so much the crazy people but the drivers especially under the highway. But you two are super runners and can do anything.