Thursday, July 27, 2006

Indiana Jones on the Big Screen

Wow was that fun!

Raiders of the Lost Ark was playing at the Music Box theater which is around the corner from our apartment. It was some new 35mm release or something. Either way I hadn't seen any of the Indiana Jones movies on the big screen so when we noticed that it was playing we had to jump on it.

Our friend Jake (who used to teach physics with my dad but now works as a brilliant Java/Ruby/Rails programmer) joined us. It was great to see him as with the summer being as busy as it has been we hadn't seen him for a really long time. We had burgers and beers at Toons before the show and yes Leah scarfed down her cheese burger like she hadn't eaten in days....wait, she hadn't!

The movie was incredible and just way fun to see the "real" way and not in full screen VHS format. My tapes have been watched so many times that they are a bit warboly but I still love them. My favorite is Temple of Doom and yes I realize I am in the minority here, but come on...if only for his facial expression when he is stuck in the room with the ceiling coming in on him and Willy can't figure out how to reverse the motion....hi-larious! Ok. I am a big nerd that has watched Indiana Jones one too many times.

Anyways, I am feeling better. I had lots of food yesterday and am looking forward to my 4 mile recovery run tonight. Mr. Jason got free tickets to a Cubs game so I'll be on my own. Tomorrow it's 11 miles so let's hope that the next two days go better than the last two days. I am of the opinion that is has to given that I was able to get tons more calories yesterday and I'm just pissed enough to get my ass in gear. Go Go Runners!

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Haight said...

Free way to see the Cubs right now