Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend Fun

Our weekend started with a 5 mile run at Fermi Lab on Friday afternoon around 2:30pm. I really wanted to get this run in because if I didn't I would have had to run really long on Sunday to get in our planned 25 miles for the week. However, the weather in Chicago on Friday afternoon was horrific, windy and cold and stormy and all that jazz. Jason (aka my brilliant husband) said he checked the weather and a long sleeve shirt and shorts would be fine to run it.....uh yeah...not so much. But we went out there and did it and averaged an 8:05 pace for the five miles. Each of our miles were faster going from 8:38 on mile one to 7:25 on mile five. The weather was so bad and I'm thinking we ran so fast because we wanted to get the hell out of it, but I was thrilled to see the middle miles when we were running directly into the wind and it started raining, were still fast and we didn't slow down at all.

After the run I met up with my step mom and we headed to her sister's house for a sleep over with most of the women in th family. We had a total of seven people there and stayed up really late drinking martinis, wine, beer and watching a ton of movies ranging from 40 Year Old Virgin to an old Marilyn Monroe movie. Very fun times.....very little sleep.

Early Saturday morning Jason came to pick me up and we headed to Fort Wayne to have an early Thanksgiving celebration with Jason's family. Jason's brother Jamie his wife Susanne and their three kids came and we just had so much fun with them. We ate a lot of food.....oh yeah....I totaly went back for seconds of everything. Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday of the much food so much napping....all good things. The little girls Sam and Jordan were all kinds of hyper and wound up and enjoyed jumping all over us and poking us for the night. I was exhausted just from hanging with them for a couple hours that I can't imagine what it's like to be the parent and have them all the time. Never a dull moment I'm sure :-) Jamie and Susanne went back to Indy that night and the girls spent the night. We watched Clue with Claudia (the oldest girl) and Jason's parents and their pet bird Pacal (the bird starts off really friendly and then starts biting people...I don't get it).

We got home on Sunday around 1pm and headed to our favorite laundry mat. I really do love the laundrymat cause it's a great people watching place. There are so many different kids of people there and kids all over the place. It's kind of annoying to not have our own washer and dryer but I LOVE that you can get like 6 loads of laundry done in less than two hours.

After the laundry we worked up the motivation to keep moving and headed out for a 7 mile run. I have to say. I felt FANTASTIC. I had no pain in my legs at all, the breathing was nice and easy. I wanted to keep the pace nice and easy and we averaged 8:50 min/mile. I am so surprised that an 8:50 pace is feeling so easy breezy, surprised but absolutly thrilled. I am excited to start the marathon training program as my body just feels better when I am in training due to the fact that I have to sleep more and I have to drink less and I have to eat better to make it through the runs. This week we'll try and get in 30 miles, with a longer run of hopefully 10-12 on Saturday. This training cycle we'll be doing our long runs on Saturday instead of Sunday so we can have Sunday open to watch DA Bears.

After the Run we went back to the apartment and settled in to watch the Bears game. I admit that they looked like GARBAGE in the first half, but they were smokin' in the 2nd half. Rex totally settled down and we looked like we are the team to beat this year. It was also nice to see that Eli Manning didn't look great when he was rushed either. I think young QBs get nervous and throw the ball was nice to see that Rex isn't the only one. So Rex is again God this week.

Go Bears! Go Run. Happy Monday.


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

This blog post had all the basics fully covered: children, martinis, birds, and bears!

Theoutofshapeguy said...

Greatr job guys, way to go. Oh wait, did i actually read the post, hold on a minute

Theoutofshapeguy said...

Om my, don't let barb know that thanksgiving is your favorite holiday because she will put together a presentation telling you why u are wrong and that x-mas is the only true holiday.

Josh said...

That is one jam packed weekend! Though, my favorite parts have to be the watching of Clue and the drinking of martinis. I saw the picture and had flashbacks from my own weekend. Good work!

Firefly's Running said...

Cosmos....YUMMMMMM! Bring it on. Nice run too.

Susan said...

I'm terrible afraid of birds.