Friday, November 10, 2006

A Trip to Fry's Electronics

Ok Ok, I admit I am a gadget geek. I love all electronics and am patiently waiting to have a "real" job so that I can have enough money to fully supply my gadgetting needs.

Now then....what are next big purchases on my dance card? The new MacBook Pro (but I want to wait to the next operating system anyways) AND a Canon 30D (digital SLR camera). Now then, I have done research on the digital cameras and it has come down to that's the one I want. Fine. I totally can't afford it right now...but one day I will and then I can dazzle you all with my photos.

Where is this going?

Today Jason and I went to Fry's electronics because I wanted to get the over the head ear phones that people recommended yesterday (which they had!!! whee!!!). Of course I was drawn to the camera display so I could look at the beautiful Canon 30D, plus I also wanted to see the new Canon Digital Rebel XTi to see if I thought it was still too small for my hands (it is). As I was standing there looking at the cameras one of the guys that work there came up to me and said, "Well now, how many of those $1500 dollar cameras do you want to buy". I looked at him and didn't really know what to he went on to say, "You know that doesn't even come with the lens, you'll have to fork over another 500 dollars for one of those" I said, "um....yeah...ok" (while thinking....well that's not exactly true...but whatever). Then he said, "Well I mean I guess the Digial Rebel is a pretty nice one, it has 10.2 megapixels" I said back, "Look I have done hours of research on these so I don't need any help".

I left there thinking, what the ass just happened in there. Whenever I have looked at high price items before the sales people weren't smirky and making fun of the price of the items. It was really weird and way way annoying.

Tonight we'll run at the lab again and then I have a sleep over party with the ladies in my famliy so that should be a riot......martinis and movies here we come.


Joe said...

I hate it when salesmen are like that.

Frank said...

Fry's has an awesome selection, but every single time I've gone in there I've been treated rudely. A few times it was even bad enough to complain.

I've never been treated like that ever at any other store! But I keep going back because really where else can you go around here with that kind of gadget collection :)

Brooklyn said...

I hear ya on the MacBook Pro. I, too, am waiting for Leopard to be released before shelling out the moolah. Just don't see a need to buy a notebook and then re-purchase the operating system a couple months later.

As for the camera, the salesman may not have been wrong. High-end stores, ones that cater to professionals, often don't sell the regular consumer bundles you see all around the web. Pros want this body and that lens, etc. So at the store you were in, they may sell these items separately. On another level, he may have been referring tongue-in-cheek to the low-grade lens bundled with the camera. Megapixels are nothing without a high-quality lens and you WILL have to buy that separately.

Personally I like Nikon 4-layer CCD sensors and I am a fan of their lenses, though I think the canon line is ultimately more user friendly.

My drool-machine is a Nikon D2Xs. :)

Also, if you don't know the site already, check out for all advice camera-related. Dude's a genius.

Firefly's Running said...!! How RUDE!

Nicole said...

You might need to be my new best friend because I'm a tech idiot and could use your advice frequently.

As for the salesmen - he sucks and i would write a letter or call management. I was never one of those people to do that but being in customer service myself people do it all the time and as a manager I take it seriously and want feedback so it never happens again.