Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A nice, pleasant - HOLY CRAP

Last night Leah and I went out for a nice, easy 6 mile run. We decided not to take any kind of music or anything and just enjoy the lovely fall evening. The weather was perfect and we were cruising at a healthy clip.

We just chatted about various things and tried to avoid eye contact with the various pollsters, stewing in our own shame that we weren't smart enough to figure out the registration process. So. Annoying. Anyway, we discussed the Lance Armstrong race and the governor's raAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH



somersault and...


Yep, it was a nice, pleasant run until I caught my toe on a sidewalk crack and nose-dived (nose-dove?) straight at the concrete. Luckily (well, not luck, I'm very athletic) I managed to get my hands gown and parlay a potentially embarrassing moment into a pretty slick display of gymnastics. And no, Leah, you aren't allowed to comment.

So, I went down.

Leah squeaked.

And Leah laughed.

Whatever. Despite my grievous injurious (I swear my palms are going to be rough for days) I soldiered on and we completed the 6 miles, just as strong at mile 6 as mile 1. It was an excellent run.

Gymnastics nonwithstanding.


Kristi said...

Yeah, I've had a face plant like that my own neighborhood. It was one of those where you lay there stunned for a minute and then quickly get up, making sure to check and see who witnessed your embarassment so you can knock them off later, preferably before they tell the rest of the neighborhood about "how graceful the so called running athlete is"
that sucks.

Susan said...

ha! I did that a few weeks back and i'm still scabby . . . it's sooo pretty. hope you palms are better soon

Josh said...

Nice job of solidering on! Though, the Romanian judge would have docked you points because you used your hands.

Bridgette said...

Hey, I want some pictures of that... hand drawn would work... ala muscle jason from a couple months ago. :)

Lana said...

OH MY!!!! You'll look back at it and laugh...someday!

Running Jayhawk said...

Here's the difference between you and me...I would've run straight home and opened a bottle of wine.

Way to truck on!! :D