Monday, November 20, 2006

Slugging Through It

Well they can't all be perfect.

All the runs can't feel like frolicking through the fields with butterflies buzzing around you.

Sometimes the runs hurt and aren't comfortable for most of the steps you take...

But then, then you look around and look at your city with open eyes and tired legs and fall in love all over again.

Jason and I had 10 on the schedule yesterday and it would be the first time we went into double digits since the marathon. We started slowly, stopped to stretch for about two minute, continued on to the lake front path. Headed south to Soldier's Field and headed back to the Museum of Contemporary Art where my dad was waiting to pick us up. Nothing spectacular happened on this run. We got through it not fast not slow but just got through it. It's runs like this that make me feel tough. When the runs feel easy......well it's easy to get through them. It's when they aren't easy and you STILL get through them that counts. It was an absolute beautiful day in Chicago which helped.

I noticed that the runners on the lake front path were way more friendly than those runners I have seen in the summer. Everyone was saying hello and giving little waves and smiling. Maybe it's the commroderie of running in the winter...who knows....but it was really nice and I am continually surprised by the "niceness" of the big city we live in. Big city but midwestern values is what Jason says.

That put us at 30 miles for the week which was nice to see. This week will be significantly less mileage because of the "Eat until you burst" holiday. Next week we'll go for 30 again and then it's onto the marathon training program.

Happy Monday!


Arcaner said...

Yeah people tend to be nicer in the winter. probably cause there not so serious about training for something in particular. It allows people to stop and smell the roses.

Firefly's Running said...

I find that too here in MN. It must the cold air.