Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fast & Furious....

Cause there are no Rules this week!!!

This is one of my favorite times to run. Just going out, listening to some music, running fast if i want, slowing down if I want. Whatever. I can run like I'm a kid till my legs are tired and my breathing is heavy and it doesn't matter.

Yesterday we ran 5.9 miles and averaged an 8:40 pace. We had one mile under 8 and one way over 9 and the rest were around 8:30ish or so. I do like running with music but just using it the past few days I have noticed that my pace depends a lot on what I am listening to. If the music is a lot slower my pace is much higher. If I am going to continue to use music to run I'll make sure I take that into account. I have already put the slower songs at the beginning which is nice because I am not starting out fast at all. However the pop songs for 3 miles might be much because I was cranking it at the end of 5 miles.

Other news of note on the run is that we ran almost 6 miles through city streets and NEVER stopped for a light. One thing I love about Garmin is that if you miss a light you can just turn and go a different way and it doesn't matter. Nice way to explore the city a bit :-)

My legs are still feeling nice and strong with zero pains. We'll do about 4 tomorrow and 5 on Saturday bring us to about 20 for the week. I have been working on nice excel sheets to keep much better track of my milage....just WAIT till you people see all the graphs I have come up with :-)


yumke said...

I've been enjoying my runs.. no need to worry about tempo, or anything else..

Oh graphs, very impressive, i look forward to seeing them.. I'm loving my sportstat software that crunches your garmin data.. you should try it if you haven't already.

Firefly's Running said...

Sounds like an awesome week. Your pace looks really for a relaxful week. Great job!

Bridgette said...

Haha - graphs

Susan said...

You geeks. Hee. Love graphs.

glad you legs are nice and strong.

Running Jayhawk said...

Watch out, campers...Leah's busting out the graphs!! ;)

Just kidding honey. Sorry we couldn't drag ourselves out last night...we weren't a pretty site.

Kieren said...

I find that if I listen to music when I run I end up striking in time to the beat which can end up hurting a bit after a long run.

The David Hays run log spreadsheet is the most full featured one I have seen if you fancy Googling for that & trying it out. If you're is better it would be wonderful if you could share :)

LeahC said...


oooh I would love to share, but it's going to take a bit more work before it's in a stage where others could use it....thanks for the idea though.