Monday, November 27, 2006

Time To Detox

If you call napping for 2 hours on the couch running 12 miles.....then we ran 12 miles yesterday. If you call it slacking then you and I are in the same boat and so we'll leave it at that.

Jason and I got home from Indiana around 11am yesterday to a very cranky Cat who does not like to be left alone. We sat on the couch to watch "some" football before running and suddenly it was 5 till 3 (ala 20 minutes before the Bears kickoff). So I jumped in the shower and enjoyed the rest of my Sunday, well that was the plan until the Bears looked like a 1-9 team and not the 9-1 team that they were. Oh's hard to win at Foxbourgh yadda yadda yadda.

The last few weeks have had running in them yes...but also a lot of beer drinking, junky (read : delicious) food eating and not much else. It's time to step up and get this train back on track, I have to be crazy like to keep all the plates going. Between running, working, volleyballing, commuting, newly added weight training......I have to get on a set schedule. I love working early morning to early afternoon, but to get that started I can't be going to bed at 1am and thinking getting up at 5am is going to be no problem.

So that's my goal for the week, just get the ball rolling, get back on a schedule get the runs in and just make a habit. They say it takes two weeks to make a habit stick (or something like that) and I have two weeks before marathon training starts so I should be good to go. Well that's the plan anyways. Tonight is volleyball and then we'll be running for the rest of the week. Given that I ran 8.5 miles total last week, I have to stay focused to get back up in the upper 20s this week.


Lana said...

Here's to getting the ball back to rolling!!! I love the holidays, but they really mess with my motivation, and moreso, my pace!!

Firefly's Running said...

So sorry about the Bears....until Sunday :D Relax, it's a time to have fun.

Josh said...

So if sleeping two hours equals running 12 miles, then I was a rock star this weekend! Thanks Leah for the spin!!! My past few weeks have seemed the same, I'm sure it's not as bad as your think. Just not the crazy training we're used to.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

It's tough to stay motivated this time of year, but I'm sure you'll get your inspiration back.