Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sore Sides and 3 Loses in VB

Well we played my least favorite team in volleyball yesterday. They bitch about every call and since I am the weakest player on the team they kept hitting the ball at me....which I say fine because it's just more practice for me. Since these games really mean nothing they're stupid, if they never aimed it at me, I wouldn't get any practice and then in the playoffs you could whoop ass if you always hit at me. But now, now, I am going to end up shoving that volleyball right up their asses.......and again....it's the FERMILAB VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE!!!! When you win you beat a bunch of other physics nerd (read : you aren't that cool).


After the game we got some beers with our team and when we got home I did a set of ab exercises and did some pushups to go along with it. My obliques (read : love handles) are a bit sore today, but nothing too debilitating. We are going to run 7-8 today after work at the lab.

We just got permission from our advisor for a 2 week vacation in March. Now I just have to pull the trigger and buy the airline tickets since the price seem really low right now. The trip will include 8 days with my mom in Sarasota + the marathon, then 8 days with my dad in the Bahamas aboard his 40ft sailboat. Again, I have to work my ass off these next few months so I feel good about taking the vacation and not guilty.

1 more hour till running. I am really excited. I forgot iPod at home, so it'll be a nice silent run today. ***wow that was a GREAT sentance :-) ***


Firefly's Running said...

Florida + Bahamas = AWESOME vacation.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Beer + ab exercises = one incredibly disciplined Leah!

Bridgette said...

Having been Leah's roommate in college, take it from a qualified source that she does NOT have love handles. I don't think she could get love handles if she stopped moving for 3 years & ate nothing but bon bons.