Monday, November 06, 2006

Do Not Say Chicago Bears

I don't want to talk about it.

Wow, I have been MIA for a few days now, so let me get back up to speed.

I have mentioned that I have to start my thesis analysis all over. Yeah. That's not good. It's going to take me a little while longer to graduate than I had thought. Frustrating yes. But in the end perhaps it's better because I will have a clearer idea of what is going on. However, this means that Jason and I are going back to Fermi Lab every day now instead of working at home. I do work better there and until I have this new stuff under control I have to be away from all the distractions of my apartment.

Running has been good. We were going to run on Friday night when we got home from the Lab but after sitting in traffic for 2 HOURS(!!!!) we decided to go to a local bar we like to frequent and have a lot of beer instead (for those of you that haven't tried Fat Tire's delicious...and comes in a 22oz bottle....). On Saturday we had a pretty lazy day in the first half catching up on DVR recordings and me cooking a big giant breakfast. In the afternoon we cleaned up the apartment as my parental units are staying with us for the week and went for a run, did laundry and at night headed back to the bar we frequent meeting up with Lisa and her friend Doug there AND running into a Fermi Lab post doc who we found out lives like two blocks from us. I love our new neighborhood.

Ok, but there is more to the run than, "we went for a run". For anyone that has had incidents with cars while running, you'll love this.

The plan was for 7 miles. Since we skipped out on the run on Friday night we weren't going to get to the 20 miles we had planned so we decided to up the mileage for Saturday to at least get close. Nothing exciting happened except the stupid angle streets of Chicago screwing me up (every time, every damn time) so we got a bit turned around, and eventually got back to our neighborhood. As we are nearing the end of our run a black BMW pulled right into the crosswalk of a street without even looking for pedestrians (which of course is nothing unusual) of course when this happens you change your stride and skip around them. Apparently Jason who was on my right and the car then was his right, touched the trunk of the car with two of his fingers as he was swinging his arms. I didn't notice that this happenened and we were kicking out the last mile or so of the run. All of a sudden I look ahead of me and a car has pulled into the drive way of the hospital, again nothing unusual....until the driver of the car, gets out and starts walking towards us. Just as I notice that it's a black BMW, Jason shouts, "Dude, I'm sorry I touched your car, I didn't mean to..." The guy starts charging us and then I notice it....

His car is rolling backwards back into traffic on Western. For those of you that don't live in Chicago, Western is one of the busiest streets here. So I yell, "Dude....your car is rolling back into the street, you might want to get that." He turns around and of course has to run back to the car so it doesn't roll into traffic and get hit. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! As we go by I said, "You might want to watch for pedestrians next time". It was so sweet and awesome.....he must have felt like such a dumbass.

Running Adventures gotta love them.

Yesterday we went to the Bears game again (we were at the game last week too which was a lot more fun), and then onto Cans to watch the Colts/Patriots game. I hate to say it but it looks like the Colts are going to be the team to beat this year.....good for Jason as he is a Colts fan....bad for Jason and Leah's marriage as he won't change allegiance......sigh. Well they did look great last night. So Go Colts...and the Bears....well at least Urlacher got injured on the last play....oh and Berrian was injured in the first quarter.....and Rex well he's going to be injured if any Chicago fans see him.

Ah well. Go Bears, Go Colts....Go running.....more on scheduling and changing of lifestyle next!


Laurie said...

It serves the BMW guy right for trying to come after you for simply touching his car. Some people have nothing better to do with their lives.

mouse said...

I am upset that the Bears lost simply because stupid waste of space joey harrington was at the helm of the dolphins team that beat them. wtf?! he didn't do shit for detroit!

anyways. I don't want to hear "go colts" ever again. I will boycott reading your blog if you write such blasphemous things. [sorry, I have an irrational hatred for that team. although the Peyton Manning commercials are kind of funny].


Josh said...

I agree, serves him right. What a freaking jerk/dork.

And of course ... GO CHIEFS!

yumke said...

if you can direct some of that karma for my city runs, that'd be appreciated!

Haight said...

(sorry, got carried away) comment.

But...Fat Tire three bottles in the fridge :)

Firefly's Running said...

I will not rub in the Bear loss because the Vikings were VERY BAD on Sunday too. UGH! Next time tho'.