Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Work and Pregnant Life Balance

I'm tired people.

My belly knocks people over on the el train.

I'm so out of breath in the mornings (I don't know why it's worse in the mornings) that Jason ends up walking my backpack the 3/4 of a mile to work and then turns around and goes back to his company, even though the el stops right outside his door (yes, he's that guy...and thus the best). I hate that I can't do this for myself anymore. I'm a marathon runner and have trouble walking in the is. so. annoying.

I'm so consumed with baby thoughts and stress because I don't think that we are going to get everything done in time that it's even more exhausting.

So right. What's an 8 month pregnant woman to do?

Well this pregnant woman talked to her boss and the woman who is the director of operations yesterday about options. We can take unpaid time off here which is great, but I didn't exactly want to give up all work. SO we came to a conclusion that Friday will be my last day in the Studio and then for the next two weeks I'll do some part time work from home as it comes up.

It's like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Would I like the money of working full time? Sure! Who wouldn't!?! But there is a balance and sometimes (lots of times!) money isn't everything. When I mentioned to my sister-in-law that we had a crazy, busy, stressful weekend, she suggested that I try and take it easy because in a few weeks my entire world is going to be upside down. And of course she's right. I need some time to get prepared (I know I know you can never really be prepared) and relax and wait for the crazy to come to me!

So starting Monday I'll be doing just that.

It's nice working at a company where this was even a possibility as I know there are places were you have to work all the way till the end with no other options. Nice of Obtiva to work with me to come up with a solution that works for all. 

Today I'm officially 8 months pregnant. Jason got up really early to do some contract work and came back to bed at about 5:45 to doze with me for awhile. I think I have mentioned on here that I am a really hard sleeper. I woke up and Jason was like, "dude the baby was going crazy and moving more than I have ever felt her before" I was like...oh really? I slept through it. Back in the day when I was convinced she wasn't moving at all, I bet she moved a ton at night and I just never woke up for it...hopefully I wake up when she cries in the night!

A week from today we have our 36 week appointment and we'll have *another* ultrasound to see what she's doing in there and then we'll have to decide if we want to do the external versioning. Today I'm on the planned c-section bus, but we'll see what the doctor says next week. And of course she could still turn on her own...she's just running out of time and space I'm guessing.

These are exciting times. That's for damn sure.


Sailor Sue said...

I think you've made an excellent 8 month pregnant decision. Good to have some less stressful time to prepare.
And speaking of dude -- what a fantastic photo in the city! Lucy is going to have so much fun with you as mom and Jason as dad.

Scott said...

Yeah, great pic. One of your best. Should be a fun last month watching you sit on the egg.