Monday, October 19, 2009


Another great weekend for us here at JasonLeahRun. Saturday my Mom was in town from Florida to host a baby shower for me. We had tons of fun and Baby Lucy has a ton more cute clothes. Now that the showers are over we are going to make an inventory of things we gotta get that are must haves and then we'll be ready...well I don't know if you are every *really* ready for a baby...but as close as we can be.

Yesterday we went to visit friends with babies stopping first off to see Baby Ethan who is 3 weeks old and then little baby Eleanor who is 7 weeks old. Ethan is a big baby and it's funny because the two are almost the same size!

In between the visits we went to the forest preserve to take some pictures of the fallness (my photoblog will have a photo *everyday* this don't forget to check that out While we were there, Jason and I got a little goofy and we decided to take some more belly pictures. Given I haven't taken one since week 22, it's hilarious for me to see the difference. I thought I was *huge* at 20 weeks....yeah. Not so much. All the belly photos can be found here at my smugmug account. Enjoy a select few of the photos we took below (realizing that these are rare, as usually I am hiding behind the lens not in front of it!)...I think I look pretty good for 34.5 weeks through! It's all baby in there!

Today we have a doctors appointment in the morning. I don't think Lucy has turned freakin' anywhere, but we'll see. I'm pretty sure I felt her giant head up near the top of my stomach...but we'll see, maybe I'm not a doctor and don't know what I'm feeling :).

Enjoy the start of the week everyone!


Cuckoo said...

You look great! It's definitely just baby in there!

lifestudent said...

haha. you look too happy to be almost 35 weeks along ;)

LeahC said...

thanks Cuckoo and lifestudent.

mg said...

You look fantastic! You've got the perfect round belly.

Firefly's Running said...

Leah, you look great!! The rest of the time will go fast.