Monday, October 26, 2009

4 Weeks From Today....Maybe

Well little Lucy, unless you turn that big ass head around we will be meeting you in 4 weeks from today. Yes, yes...your mother likes schedules and plans and loves when things come early and so loves the idea of know the exact time you'll be greeting us. Although...still she's a wary of the abdominal surgery.

Anyone out there have a planned c-section? Advice, tips, stories, recovery (my biggest concern) would be *greatly* appreciated as Jason and I go back and forth a couple of times a day on whether we should try the external versioning or just stick with the planned. She of course might turn on her own too, but assuming she won't I'd like all the information I can get.

We had another jam packed weekend. Hung out with my Dad all day on Saturday and Saturday night we stayed up...wait for it...wait for it....all the way until 11:30! I know....the Coca Cola Classic that I had at about 7:30 kept me up with the big kids. By the way...after about 10 years of Diet Coke (which I still crave and will return to in obscene amounts I'm sure), I freakin' love regular coke. It's so spicy and delicious and it's a little treat on the weekends.

Sunday we did some work in the morning, and then went to Target to get some stuff for the baby's room and some of the stuff to just try and set me at ease. We washed all of the baby's clothes, blankets, sheets and diapers and so the room really is starting to come together. We need a bookshelf still, have to hang pictures, and some other things but we are getting really really close to done in there. Our goal is to be done at 37 weeks as that's when she is full term and so that's when we could most likely really start to expect her....if she doesn't stick to her schedule.

We got rid of a *ton* more stuff, consolidated some storage tubs. Found all my kid books that I've been making us move around for the past 10 years, I knew they would come in handy some day! We do need another "Monster at the End of the Book" though...because my copy was completely disintegrated.

Jason's parents came to visit in the afternoon for a few hours yesterday and after they left, we did some more cleaning, work and then relaxed with some more work and some playoff baseball.

So yeah we're looking at about a month. I still can't believe that we are so close to the end. I can't wait to meet her! No belly pictures today, but here is a great one of a subway performer who was singing old motown songs at the Jackson redline stop in Chicago:


lifestudent said...

Great pic! And ... they usually turn around at the last minute, sometimes even when you go into labor. Those little ones know what they are doing ... have faith, but be prepared either way.

As for the c-section, from what I hear, the better shape you are in and the better you have been taking care of yourself during pregnancy, the easier it goes. I'm sure you will do great either way!

runningtwig said...

I had a scheduled c-section and I have no complaints at all. I signed into the hospital at 5:45 and had her at 7:56! The hospital was great at managing my pain so I had no issues. I agree with lifestudent - it helped that I took care of myself before and during pregnancy, so you are good to go there. I also had a lot of help from my husband and mom at home and that helped a ton. To me, the scheduled c-section was a dream! I had to do it because my daughter was pushing 9lbs and I'm teeny.

Good luck!

Rae said...

I had an unplanned c-section. Labored fast but Lilli has an enormous head (seriously like the 75-90% while her weight/height are usually 25-40%) and after 2 hours of pushing she had not moved. The first couple of days were fairly painful (just for getting up/down) but Brent took 3 weeks of so I had lots of help! My best advice would be to get some special undies/belt thing for c-sections because the incision is so low underwear was extremely uncomfortable for me since the band went right across the incision line. I was walking on the treadmill just a couple of weeks later and running at 6 weeks after!

runningtwig said...

I agree with Rae about the incision line...this might sound weird, but I actually put a big pad on the inside of my underwear to block anything from touching the incision. It helped a ton!

LeahC said...

runningtwig & Rae-

Thanks for the tips and advice!

Firefly's Running said...

Leah, I had two c-sections - one planned and one unplanned. I preferred the planned one....obviously. Make sure your spinal block is strong enough to last enough until you are stitched up. Shoot me an e-mail if you need any more tips.