Thursday, October 01, 2009

Where's the Time Going?

So yeah, tomorrow we hit the 32 week mark. On Monday we hit the 2 months to go mark. What the what? When did that happen?

In the last week my good friend who has been about 9 weeks ahead of me in pregnancy gave birth to a boy named Ethan. We went to visit them in the hospital and all of a sudden I was very much, "Um, we don't have anything ready for Lucy" So I am starting to panic a little bit although we've gotten a lot done this week and hopefully the room will be looking more baby like by the end of the weekend as we are giving the room a fresh coat of paint and we were supposed to have furniture, but then we went to visit the said furniture and the furniture I thought I liked I didn't when we got there (although it's totally fine if that's what we go with) and the one I did like turns out is apparently part crib, part baby killer. I don't understand these review sites. So this crib apparently has a gap between the mattress and the bars, and so all these people are like, "THIS IS OBVIOUSLY BAD AND DANGEROUS!!!!" But they don't say why it's bad and dangerous and Consumer Reports rated this crib 2nd on it's list of best cribs. So I don't really understand what the problem is. I would like some scientific fact and experiments saying, ok, this could be bad because this and this could happen. Not just, well obviously that's bad. I also think we can get a little bit of a wider mattress and it would take care of the problem. I'm just really annoyed because it was the only crib/changing table I have seen that hasn't made me want to vomit all over it.

Ok. Ok. See this is what I'm talking about. Panic.

The crib we are looking at is the Leksvik crib at IKEA. Just do a search for "Leksvik mattress gap" or something and there are a few google things to see. Why does a mattress need to be super snug to the rails? Does anyone else have this crib and see no problem with it? I've found a few posters that have said it's no big deal and other that are like, OH MY GOD THIS HAS TO GO BACK TO IKEA RIGHT THIS SECOND BUT I'M 6 HOURS AWAY FROM IKEA AND I'M CURRENTLY IN LABOR. So I mean there are ranges, I just want to know what could go bad with a space like this or if it's just some overly worried parents being nuts because I'm sorry the first thing my parents did when the got me home from the hospital is put me into a bassinet who's legs then went out from under it and I went shooting out the back of it...and I'm fine. I mean...I wouldn't recommend baby bassinet shooting, I'm just saying it seems that the crazy has gone up lots of notches in the last 30 years.

Alright. That's my rant and some LeahC crazy to brighten up your Thursday morning.

At the bottom of the post on the baby bargins site about this crib they say that they heard back from the CPSC and they have ruled that the crib gap does NOT pose a safety concern. That is, it does not violate any current standards.

They said they heard back from them after they went to print and will update the book in the next printing....I think it's funny that they went to print with unscientific evidence about a product. Like maybe you should have heard from the people that deem safety stuff before saying that something is not safe and putting it into a book that obviously gets a lot of press. So Anyways. It looks like it will be fine.

As far as Miss Little Lucy goes, she's doing great. She's moving weirdly now and I can feel her rolling over. Yesterday we would see little feet or hands or I don't know what poke out of my belly and the roll around. Jason was like, "Well that's a new one." I'm still sleeping pretty well although if I roll over on my back I wake up with a lot of pain in my stomach area so that can't be good. After I woke up though I rolled over and then had lots of dreams of the baby moving a lot and being nuts and I wonder if she really is being nuts and I'm just such a ridiculous sleeper that I'm not waking up fully to feel it. Also in the dream I was in labor, so that was fun.

And finally to the two douche bags on the train this morning, if you see a pregnant woman standing next to you don't just talk to each other loudly about things like "Can you be with a baby mama if the baby daddy wasn't around" or "Maybe I just need to sow my wild oats and get some strangers pregnant" and not give up your seat because you have obviously seen the pregnant lady standing and you are just choosing to try and channel Jack Black or Seth Rogan and be "funny" And you aren't funny. Jack Black and Seth Rogan already did the bit, they already have the act going. You can't just copy it and think you are just as funny or clever or witty. BECAUSE YOU AREN'T. YOU AREN'T FUNNY. You are just two jackasses that talked loudly on the train because you thought you were funny and clever and you weren't you just looked like assholes. So there.

Everyone is out of my office today except for me which makes things a bit on the quiet side. I'm meeting my Dad for lunch at 12:30 so that should be a nice time.

So yes, it's almost Friday. Almost 32 weeks done. And we are looking at the Baby Killer Crib 1000. GRRRRR!


Scott said...

good one Leah! Maybe say, 'excuse me my water just broke...mind if I sit in my puddle for a bit? Maybe they both get up then!


Lydia said...

As for getting seats, just ask. I would loudly say, "Can I please have a seat?". Some one always got up.

About the crib, I see one major issue, it is short. Most cirbs are about 40 inches tall. Since it is so short, you will have to bend down a lot to lay the baby down. That may not sound like a big deal, but you abs and back will be shot after you have the baby and if you have a c-section you will not be able to bend for weeks. Also, you do not want to drop the sleeping baby into their bed, they will wake up and you will cry.

My suggestion, go to Babies R Us (I know, I know) to see normal cribs. Measure how tall off the ground the highest mattress height, since that is the one you are going to be using with a newborn. The higher the mattress the less you have to bend. Check to see if you can bend over the crib now, I was about as big as I was at 32 weeks when I came home.

I am sure you will make a good decision.

Rae said...

Well, there's loads of safety EVERYTHING regarding baby and it gets to be so nuts!! If there is a mattress gap they could get caught or hung and that could be a problem. Even before she could roll (and was totally swaddled) Lilli scooted all around the crib with these little wiggles, and if she'd gotten caught at that age she wouldn't have been able to roll or sit up and get out of it like she can now. Having all the various adjustable heights of the crib is also important, when she's tiny you don't want to have to drop her way down, but then when she turns into a monkey you def want to be able to drop her low! We went to a nice baby furniture store here and spent a load, but the crib converts into a toddler bed and then a full size bed so we won't have to get her more furniture later!

LeahC said...


I've looked at so many cribs, tall short, convertible not convertible and this is the only one that we have liked AND has had a great price tag. I don't mind the lowness of it although I might be changing my mind. I suppose if I have a c-section, bending down for any crib would be a problem.


I don't know what would happen if she got to that edge though. how could they get hung? I mean there is a 1" gap between the rail and the where would they hang? Also we don't want one of the cribs that converts to a full sized bed because we always plan on living in small places and plan on having at least one more kid (if not 2). So when Kid #2 comes around Kid #1 will get a small bed, and then the other kid will take the crib. The room won't hold a full sized bed + crib. Also the crib does go to two different heights so she won't be able to climb out of it.

Lydia said...

Okay. I measured my crib. it's shortest side is 37 inches. The highest mattress setting is 17 inches off the ground so with a 4 inch mattress, about 21 inches off the ground. That is pretty close to the ground, probably why I kept the drop side down for a few months (bad mommy, I know, but the kid was swaddled and couldn't roll yet).

My crib has a 1 inch gap between the mattress and the side of the crib.

I never worried about turning Thomas' crib into a full size bed because having talked with some friends I learned that kids love to teethe on their cribs. So unless you think bite marks would work in your teenagers bedroom....

I think the ikea crib will work. I encourage you to look at the JC Penny cribs. Many of them are almost as affordable as the ikea crib and they have many more styles than Ikea. We ordered our crib from them and it took about 2 weeks to get.