Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Are You a Gymnast Already?

Hey there Little Lucy.

How you doing in there? Remember 4 weeks ago when we got some pictures of you and you were all nicely head down? That was a fun time wasn't it? But no, you apparently don't agree and have decided that you are much more comfortable with your head up and your legs right in front of your face.


We were so surprised when the technician told us that you were in the breech position, and you are in the frank breech position. We are 32 (almost 33 weeks) and so you are running out of time to flip around.

Luckily we seem to have the best doctor in the world who talked to us for a good 20-30 minutes about what the next steps were and actually there are no steps for the next 4 weeks, but if you are still enjoying kissing your knees at that point we are going to need a new game plan. If you are sticking with your breech positioning we'll be scheduling a c-section for you on November 23rd. Now. Your mother likes to have plans and schedules AND even more loves to be early for things. So in this sense that makes her giggle like a little school girl. However, a vaginal birth is of course better for everyone.

We also got a measurement of your head. Of your giant giant giant head. We just went to visit your grandpa and grandma Sue and spent roughly 1 hour teasing you about your giant head. Sorry! But you are being born into a big headed teasing family so you can get used to it. Your father who has a nice normal sized head compared one of your pictures to the picture of Darth Vadar sans his helmet and I can't help but agree:
Other than your giant headedness (You get that from your mom's side of the family. Sorry kiddo!) you look great. You have long legs, and all is well with your growth. Just the concern about the breech stuff and we'll worry more about that in 4 weeks. We think you might have some Angelina Jolie in you as well with this kisser:
Here you are just looking cute and not making faces at us...although that head. whew. It's big. Maybe if you do turn we'll have get you out through the front...don't know if your Mom is ready for that business.
As for me, I'm doing good too. Blood pressure still on the high side although a little bit better than 4 weeks ago. We got back to visit the doc in 2 weeks and so we'll see if anything interesting happens then.

In other news around here. Your room is getting more and more done, and your Dad has realized how much has to happen before you get here and has gotten a little bit on the concerned and stressed out side...which is cute cause your Dad is never ever stressed out.

So if you feel like being a gymnast in there and turn yourself around, go for it. Either way we'll make sure you get here safe and sound in about 7 weeks. I can't wait to see you in real life!


Scott said...

Big heads are good:
- Radiate more heat for summertime cooling
- Lots of room for BIG ideas
- Provide shade for neighborhood kids

. . . I could go on and on but I'll wait to tell her in person!

Firefly's Running said...

Sooooo cute! Very cute little nose.