Monday, October 05, 2009

A Baby Room Makeover

So yeah, I wanted to paint the baby's room green. So we got some paint card things, and compared the colors to the sheets and art prints we have in the room to find a match. We picked one that didn't seem too bright, but wasn't pale either so you could tell that there was something on the walls.


Well it's going to be a damn happy room! And she won't be able to sleep because it's so bright that she she closes her eyes she'll be seeing some little green spots. Well ok it's not that bad, and after a few hours it's totally growing on me. PLUS once we get more furniture in there and stuff on the walls it won't just be an empty room with bright green walls, it'll be a baby's room...with bright green walls which is fun. So there. We also replaced all the outlets and covers since the previous painters just did the lazy paint over the outlets and covers thing...which is ugly. So now it's all nice and waiting for baby furniture. Here are some pictures from before, during and after, and if anything we can say that the before was *really* ugly.


GeekGirl said...

Green is my absolute favorite color and I LOVE the color of the walls. Seriously. My entire apartment is green. (Though the walls aren't painted since I rent, but all of my furniture, etc is green.)

Good job!

LeahC said...

Thanks! I like it too, our living room is all green and orange, so we are just extending that throughout our place :)

Actually we rent too...we are planning on asking for forgiveness whenever we move out :). Or we'll repaint if we have to. But that drab shit had to go!

Megan said...

I love it!!

My last apartment was OK with painting as long as I painted the walls back to white before I moved out. It was that or forfeit the security deposit. :)

Dawnie said...

I love it! I agree that having some furniture in there will break it up a bit.

Cuckoo said...

I love the color! We painted our own master bedroom a very similar green color and it makes me feel bright and cheery every day. So Lucy will definitely be a happy baby in her room :)

Scott said...

Great color! Who are those two hot painters?