Thursday, January 29, 2009

Long Cold Walk

Well apparently we don't run anymore. I have desires to run, and then I'm like....cold. It's cold and snowy out. We did go to the gym on Tuesday and it was so crowded I barely got a locker and there was a line for the treadmills. I found some other kind of machine and did it for 10 minutes before I was so bored I had to stop. So yeah.

Instead of working out yesterday Jason and I went for a long walk. We put on our winter running clothes....but just as base layers. I want to learn how to take some night time pictures with long exposures/tripod blah blah blah. So I know...let's go walk to North Avenue Beach from our house, and take pictures when it's 11 degrees feels like 1. I just get so stir crazy in the winter having to stay indoors, that I will do anything to get outside. So we did walk over to north avenue beach. I think all the pictures I took are bad, but a lot of the pictures I took when I first got my camera leave a lot to be desired and there might be a gem in there somewhere. Given the long exposures it was a lot of open the shutter...then sit and freeze, check the image, try again. I didn't get a lot of pictures either...but anyways, it's all just practice.

After the picture taking we walked until we found a cab, and we had him drop us off at Sheffields where we enjoyed the company of our favorite bartender Matt, some delicious food, and some reading I had to do for work.

We have a fun weekend planned. Next week I'm off to sunny florida to visit theMom and then the following weekend Jason and I are off to Zurich to visit old friends for a week. I'm getting excited as I really love to travel!

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lifestudent said...

so jealous. (not about your walk in the cold...about your upcoming travels!)