Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Better About Bed Time

Tuesdays is run home from work day which Jason and I did...not with flying colors maybe, but not too bad. Working out two days in a row is *crazy*. Tonight we have racquetball which I'm guessing in our current state of exhausted and sore will be quite the funny sight.

I set up an older laptop at home to run photoshop/lightroom stuff (woot! another 30 day trial!) and forgot about all the updating that it needed and so I was up fighting with it....and didn't get to bed till after midnight....getting up at 6am (even with my iPhone alarm which is labeled, "Keep your ass out of bed!!!!!") was not going to happen.

So a bit tired today and no work in the morning which frustrates me. Ah well...tomorrow is another day. Looking forward to the YMCA tonight.

Oh yeah and stomach still store from the Pilates on Monday night.

Alright, time for work.

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Margo said...

I wish I could run home from work, but I always bring too much from work to carry...and then don't touch it when I get home. Hmmm.