Monday, January 19, 2009

Mini-RoadTrip, Up Without Alarm, PhotoBlogging Again, New Office Construction

This past weekend my Dad and I went on a mini road trip to Indiana. I had worked extra hours to make up for time, taking off all of Friday and three hours on Thursday so we could get out of Chicago around 1pm. We went to Indy to visit my Dad's sister and on Friday afternoon we went into town so my Dad could meet up with an old band member of his that he had found on Facebook. That was a really funny trip and it looks like 5/6 of the band could get back together in the fall which of course would be hilarious.

While at my Aunts house, I sent an alarm on my phone....even though there was no need to, I had nowhere I had to be. It went off and I turned it off immediatly. I haven't been feeling so hot the last week or so and thought maybe it was because I hadn't been sleeping enough, or whatever. I didn't set an alarm on Saturday night (yes. I turn an alarm on every day of the week because I hate wasting one second of my weekends by sleeping...but then I'm always off a bit during the day because I go to bed at 1 in the morning and then get blasted by my alarm at 6am...but goddamn it, I'm up). I got up at 7:30 on my own, and felt great the entire day. Jason and I had a great day, we took a walk to the lakefront and walked north to Fullerton. We stopped a few times along the way to get breakfast and then some coffee to warm up our toes. So...yeah, I'm going to not set my alarm on the weekends. I also woke up at 5:55 this morning...5 minutes before my alarm which was nice... I don't think that will be a common theme as I just had a super relaxing 3.5 day weekend...but still nice.

Apparently the shock of working 9-5 has worn off (seriously...going from Grad school to real work was tougher than I had thought) and I have a nice setup at home to get back to photoing, and more importantly I'm going to really try and keep a photoblog going (yes....really...not just for a week and let it fall to the wayside). I really enjoy it when I'm more organized about it and don't just end up with 200 photos on my camera that then need to be dealt with. SO. You can check out new things at Leave comments...let me know what you think. For is the newest picture :

While my Dad was in town, I couldn't not put him to work. I saw these magnetic photo wires on the interwebs and I thought it was a great idea...except the price of them. Seriously...$99 for 12 freakin' wires...I don't think so. Dad and I talked about it, and thought that it might be better if the wires themselves came out of shelves to hide the tops of them. He put fishing weights at the bottom, and just got galvanized cable at a home depot along with the shelving. The whole project cost about $50 bucks and I think it looks great. Really fun to put pictures up quickly. I just need more of those little strong magnets. Here is a picture without many photos on it, to get the idea. I'll get a better one tonight, as the wires have been filled in a bit.

It's a *really* easy project and a nice way to display pictures in a fluid kind of way. Thanks Dad!

So that's it. We have no real plans for about two weeks now, which is nice. But then I have a busy two weeks because I am going to Florida to visit my Mom and then going to Zurich the following weekend. I'm going to have to make some time up so I don't take extra vacation days. Today we have the first of 6 hawks game tickets. We were going to go to the gym but obviously Blackhawks trumps everything. We have another game on Wednesday, so we'll try and run home from work tomorrow.

So that's it. Happy Monday All!


Scott said...

wow, the wire project is BRILLIANT! Nice to have a clever dad!

love you,

lifestudent said...

I love your Chicago tundra photo!