Monday, January 12, 2009

Dad in Town!!!!

Wheeeee my dad is in town for the week.

I'm working extra hours so that I can take of Thursday afternoon and Friday for a Dad/Daughter roadtrip to Indiana. We are going to Indy to visit my Aunt, and my Dad has recently hooked up with his old college band members who still live in Indy and so we are going to stop by and see them, and there is talk of driving to Bloomington as well....just cause...well Bloomington is cool.

We have a bunch of projects for my dad to do including a DIY photo wire wall and some shelving which I think is going to be really cool and I should have some before and after pictures.

Other than that things are fine. Big demo for work stuff tomorrow, setting up the Apprentice program at Obtiva to be a bit more rigid with a senior developer and yeah...that's about it.

We won't be working out this week (Well maybe on Saturday and Sunday) because with Dad in town I want to spend time with him and not at the gym....but we'll be back on that horse next week.


Sailor Sue said...

Make sure you keep that man busy. No time for Law and Order. Hop to Cupcake Captain Snappy!

LeahC said...

oh don't worry..lots of projects... :)