Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Good Example of Sucktitude

Last night Jason and I played racquetball and while it had been awhile since we had played...holy hell are we sucky. Both games ended 16-14 in Jason's favor, although after discussion on the way home we decided that the first game should have ended 15-13 in my favor as he hit me with the ball and we had the rules of interference a bit wrong. took 1 hour to play two games. A lot of not scoring on the serve and a lot of really weak playing....BUT I did remember some stuff and had some nice shots for a point. I think we are going to try and play once or twice a week.

We were supposed to run home today according to the plan that I set in motion...but there is no way. After no working out for months and months...working out three days in a row is exhausting. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I didn't move at all last night in bed as when I woke up my ear was sore as if I had slept on it, in the same position all night.

In the future we might take Wednesdays off so that we can still run home on Thursdays without being an exhausted puddle but we'll see. Maybe we'll try that in the next couple weeks and then slowly add back in Wednesdays.

The plan of course will fall apart a bit next week as my Dad is in town and so I will foresake working out to spend time with him. Plus we are going to Indy at the end of next week to visit my Aunt and my dad found his college band members on facebook and so we are going to go visit them too I guess. We might even make a run to Bloomington as my student ID is still valid, and Lightroom for the student liscense is a lot cheaper than the non-student price....but we'll see on that one, as it's still a pretty long drive from Indy.

Extra work hours this week and next so that I can take off the afternoon on Thursday and then I best be getting on it.

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