Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bad Night

Well it was just one of those nights. With a new project on the way at work, snippyness between Jason and I, basic unrest feeling makes for a long, sleepless night. I layed awake for 2 hours, then I woke up at 2:18am (and not just like opened my eyes, looked at the clock and rolled back to sleep...oh no it was one of those bolt awakes with your heart racing...and so you get up, get something to drink, check your e-mail and question whether you should just stay out of bed...I didn't...but I thought about it). Finally I woke up for reals at about 5:30, and was in the office by 7. I do like being in early before anyone is here though.

My photoblog is going really well. Mirrored is the post for today:

if you haven't checked it out, stop by : http://leahcphotos.wordpress.com as there some other good stuff over there.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning. I am *not* looking forward to it. I have really bad teeth genetics (thanks mom and dad!) and in grad school aside from having no insurance, I didn't have any money for the dentist so let's just say I haven't been for awhile. I'm really going to get yelled at I'm guessing. I sort of hate this dentist too as last time I went he told me that if I get the jaw surgery I need, they might be able to give me a chin implant at the same time to take care of my weak chin....I was like..what? Really? Dude...could you be more vain? And really...giving me advice on my looks. thanks. But the place is close, and maybe they got a new dentist. The things is there used to be two dentists there and one of them was awesome, then I went back and I got the old vain dude and I was all, what happened to the nice one? Anyways. That was a lot of ranting about the dentist.

Alright and I'm off.


GeekGirl said...

That dentist is ridiculous. I do sedation dentisty, so my dentist can't talk smack to me.

Jason said...

Nice blog and great photos