Monday, July 14, 2008

New iPhone, Hellboy & Some Running

On Friday the nerd boy husband of mine and I got up early and went to the ATT store to stand in line for the new iPhone. That's right. We did. It was actually really fun. We stood in front of some really fun people and the time didn't go to slow. There was some slight anger because the phones couldn't be activated until Friday afternoon, but whatever, it finally started working that afternoon and we were happy. Although....I am having some really bad signal strength issues. When I enable the 3G network I get one bar or No Service. When I switch that off I get about 3 bars of service where I am sitting right now. In Evanston last night we had really strong 3G service, so I am hoping that the problem is the Chicago towers and that it will be fixed very soon...because damnit...a phone in the end should be able to be spoken on..and if you can't do that what's the point?

On Sunday we went to Jake and the Lovely LaurA!'s to watch Hellboy. Then from there we all went to see Hellboy 2 in Evanston. It was a really fun afternoon and as always, super good times with those kids.

We even did some running this week! Not enough I suppose, but when is it really ever enough. I keep saying this week, this week we'll get the mileage back to where we want it. I think we'll have to sign up for a marathon to really make that happen though because it keeps you honest. Last night after HellboyFest Jason and I came home and ran down to the lakefront path and finished our run out there. We did probably just over 7 miles. Then we walked back home....why? Because it was so freakin' nice outside! For the cest la vie :

This week, I have a lunch thing going on tomorrow (I think) but that's about it. Scarily my PhD defense date is rapidly approaching. The talk is *basically* written, but needs to be spiced up and some of the slides need to be changed so I have to do that. When I think about giving that talk I also think about throwing up in my mouth a little....very nerve wracking! Cause that's just about it with this crazy PhD train...crazy talk I know.

So that's it. Here's to Monday :-)


lifestudent said...

We were in NYC over the weekend and went by the flagship Apple store around 4pm...there was still a massive line for the iPhone. We are getting them in a few weeks ... I hope your problems get fixed. Did you guys have them before or are these your first?

Laura said...

Welcome to the iPhone nation! Be very careful as they are super addicting and have the potential of turning every conversation into 'The Pursuit of Truth'. ;)