Thursday, July 31, 2008

In a few hours....

I'll be "done". I use quotes...and by using them I am really meaning a nice set of air quotes...because of course there is still paperwork, and I'm sure there will be a few corrections to make to the thesis. BUT the brunt of it will be done. More importantly this long presentation will be done....seriously have been worried or thinking about this day for *years*.

I actually slept a lot last night. The previous two nights I had gotten 4 hours of sleep and I was really really tired last night and so I was out at about 9:30 and slept through until my 5am wake up call.

On the drive to Bloomington yesterday morning I gave a practice talk in the car which went pretty well and then Jason quizzed me on some notes I had taken and I knew the stuff pretty well. We spent the rest of the day just hanging out in Bloomington, I got the *worst* pedicure/manicure of my life, played some pool in the union where my dad schooled Jason and I, and then last night my parents and Jason and I went to dinner at Yogi's which was our old hangout when we lived here.

Oh yeah. We parked in the union parking lot at about 10:30am and then came back around 4:30pm to get our stuff to check in. Jason gave me have the keys. Knowing that I didn't have the keys I looked at him with a look of...uhoh and we both ran to the front of the car where we put our hands on the hood and realized that for the 3rd time this year (and of all time) I had left the keys in the car....and not only that...but left the car was running....for 6 hours. So. Stupid. So we got some auto service dude to come by. I went back to check in to the hotel (there is a hotel in the IU union) and it was everything the kid checking us in could do to not really laugh in my face. Sigh. Well I might be a little preoccupied.

Today and tomorrow are going to be so much better because there won't be this *thing* hanging over my head. Thanks to all the peeps out there for the shoutouts and the good lucks. I'll be talking at 10am EST :-) Too bad it's not on TV.

Alright, Mrs. LeahC out.....soon Dr. LeahC will be back.


Thomas said...

Well, good luck.

Laura said...

Whoo hoo!! SO exciting! Can't wait to hear about your morph into Dr. LeahC!!!!