Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why So Serious?

oh yes. Go. See. Batman. Right now if you have to!

One of the best movies I have *ever* seen. It's 2 hour and 32 minutes long and it so doesn't feel that long. Totally action packed, great scenes of Chicago and I'll probably have nightmares of the Joker in the future.

Yesterday at the lab I got the tests done that I needed to get done and things worked out perfectly (hot damn is it nice when physics's like I don't know real I guess ;-) ). I decided to come into the lab today and tomorrow for some time so that I can review my thesis (you know that 200 page document I have to defend in a weeks time...shit, in a week's time the talk will be done (I'll be giving it at 9am Chicago time) and I'll be trying to answer questions about my thesis committee who don't read nice ;-) ) and make any last minute changes to my talk that I think are necessary before I send it off to my adviser. Poor Jason is going to have to listen to practice talks starting tonight.

But after that. Wow. I'm going to be one happy LeahC....hopefully anyways.

Tonight Jason and I are going to run probably about 5 miles around the neighborhood. In 38 days we'll be able to do that run on the lakefront path as we'll hopefully be in our new digs at that point.

So that's it. Time to review!

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