Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Big News

Well. Yes, awhile ago I was all, "I got a job offer." I know right? no exclamation points or anything....very un-LeahC like. It was because I hadn't accepted it yet as while I had been waiting to hear from them another company had come around with an open position, so I wanted to see what their interview process was like so that I could have some comparisons since I haven't had a real job in 6 years and back then I just took the first one I interviewed with because I was 21 and needed a job. Holy ass...that sentence was *really* long.

So I went through the second company's interview and it was, I don't know.....fine...uncomfortable....I had to do some logic problems on the fly, which quite honestly didn't go so well. I walked around the offices and they were just kinda I don't know...not me I guess. The original company invited me to have lunch with them on Tuesday (that would be yesterday) and so I accepted because I really wanted to see how they rolled. And it was awesome. All the people that work there are really nice and seem really great. After talking with the HR woman and finding out about insurance and blah blah blah, I told her I was in and I signed the paperwork I needed to sign.

The position is for a software apprentice where one (one being me) will learn how to develop software. They take people that probably have the ability to learn, but just don't have the skills right now to write software. So that's like the definition of me, and I hope that I can get a lot out of it and learn quickly. I mean whatever happened to apprentices? That's how people did anything back in the day and so where did that go? In graduate school it was kinda like, here, "Go do this. Go on go. What do you mean you don't know how to do anything? I don't care, show me some plots" Ok that's really an exaggeration as there is a lot of help in physics...but kinda only if you go after it. Anyways. I think the idea is fantastic and I'm really excited to start.

So. That's the big news. On August 11th, I will be one of a great group of people....oh yeah...and our friend Jake who I always talk about works there too so that's wacky fun. He's actually the one that led me on to the software apprentice position.

The scarier business on this end is that in two weeks from tomorrow at 10am I will be defending my thesis...meaning I have a talk to write! I mean it's written but lots needs to be added to it....AND it's already really long. Get ready graduate student committee, get comfy cause it's going to be awhile :-)

No running yesterday but we do plan on getting something in tonight.


mouse said...

Newer theories of learning are leaning toward situated learning experiences (where you learn by doing) and cognitive apprenticeship
(where a novice works with an expert in a field to learn a skill) as the most effective ways for learning. I think it's awesome that your company is so progressive and is embracing those principles! It does seem backwards that that's how people used to learn trades back in the day, but we don't do it anymore, doesn't it?

and of course, Congratulations! so exciting!

lifestudent said...

Congrats! I dread the thought of actually having to finish school someday and get a job :) That transition back into the workforce will be quite an experience for you! Good luck!

Laura said...

Congrats Leah!

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Congratulations, Leah!!!!

There are few feelings better than getting a new job.

Are you downtown?  If so, let's have lunch sometime.

Arcane said...

congratulations on your job!

MOF a/k/a Margo said...